My baby is 16 months

Ryan is breastfeeding (at the park) in the picture above–you can’t even tell! My little baby boy <3

I look at him every day and continue to be amazed at the “little boy” he has become. In the past few weeks he has exploded with new skills and understanding and it blows my mind. Steve and I teach him things and he doesn’t respond very often so we don’t think he’s catching on. But then the next day… he’ll pick up his duck in the bath tub and say “quack quack!” Or say “ca!” at the cars driving by. We practice words and matching with pictures every day. He’s finally interested in books and is constantly bringing them to me and Steve to sit on our lap and read. Steve made Ryan a fort – 2 small couches pushed a few feet apart with a big blanket over the top–and all we have to say is, “Want to read a book?” and Ryan runs into his fort with a pile of books, waiting for us to join him in there.

Even though he doesn’t say too many words yet, he definitely knows the meaning and understands what we’re saying. When asked, he’ll point to his: ears, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, butt, pee pee, belly, hands, feet, toes and hair.

Words he can say: kitty, up, cracker, car, milk, mama, dada, hi, bye, ball, banana (nana), hot, book, grandma/grandpa.

Okay, most of those I think only mommy and daddy can recognize because they’re some shortened odd version of the word (bo for book, ba for ball, kkk for kitty, gpa for grandpa). But he does say cracker, car, up and hot pretty plain as day.

He got his first dolly the other day (pictures to come!), but he loves to take care of her… brush her hair, put her shoes on, carry her and give her hugs and kisses. He’ll be a good daddy some day 😉

I’m behind on writing his Easter post, but he had so much fun searching for eggs! He really caught on quickly and found every one!

Ryan LOVES being outside. Most of the time I can’t ever get him to come back inside! We live on a very busy road so I’m trying REALLY hard to teach him not to go near the street, but it’s an impossible task at the moment–he loves waving at the cars. ((ANY TIPS?!)) There’s a large crack across the driveway that I try to tell him he can’t walk past, but he’s not paying attention so far, haha.

And our backyard? Is hole #6 of a golf course so we get golf balls flying through and landing in our yard pretty often. But we’re moving soon!

Ryan is going to be an animal person, just like his mama. He gets SO excited when he sees a bird outside. He points and squeals and tries to chase after them–it’s the cutest thing ever. We have wild turkeys in our backyard right now and Ryan is amazed by those “big birdies.”

He eats with a fork and spoon and recently started insisting to hold his own cup to drink out of–yea, a CUP, not a sippy. As long as he doesn’t try to walk off with the cup, he’s really careful and good at not spilling.

He weighs about 20-21 pounds and is in size 18 month clothes. He’s so skinny that his waist needs size 12 month pants, but then they’re too short, haha. So we like elastic shorts 🙂 Finally the weather is getting warm enough that he can be in shorts and be outside!

Yes, he has his cranky moments (if you read my last post about his tantrums, haha), but he’s a good and smart little boy that amazes me every day!

What thing has your child amazed you with lately?


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  • This morning, Owen told me, “One minute, Mommy” like I was supposed to wait on him. OH BOY.

    Re: Shorts – The Children’s Place sells awesome shorts that have little buttons inside that you can loosen and tighten. Has the idea of the elastic waist but looks like real shorts!


  • Arena

    Wow on all the things he does. I have a 16 mo. old too and she’s going slower, but she’s out last so we’re happy to let her go at her own pace, lol. For instance she knows how to walk, but seems to still prefer crawling. She still loves to nurse as well. 🙂


  • Mary Beth Elderton

    What a beauty!


  • Such a sweet post, he is growing up so fast! I’m amazed by how quickly our kids catch on to things. They are so smart!


  • That’s such a beautiful picture! And I would NEVER have guessed he was breastfeeding. Love it! I can’t believe how big he is!! No tips from me about keeping him from running into the street… I took E to the park a few weeks ago and did he want the swings? The slide? Geez, even just the grass? NO! He kept beelining it to the busy street :/ SCARY.


  • Gorgeous picture of the two of you. I love it!!!

    As for the street – we had to go the hard/mean way with that one. Our street is crazy busy at rush hour because people use it as a cut through. So for like a week I would let him out front in the middle of the day (when the street is empty) and we would go through the same routine. I’d carry him to where his boundary was, put him down and let him take a step or two before I’d yell “OFF LIMITS!” and then grab him and pull him back to his boundary. We did that about 5 times and then I held his hand and said “Ok, now we can go” and we walked across the street together. We still have to be careful with him – he doesn’t always remember to stop, but probably 98% of the time he will wait at his boundary and look for a hand… even when he doesn’t wait, he does at least pause (which gives us a chance to get his attention or grab his hand before he starts moving again).


  • oh my oh my oh myyyyy. when did he get so so big??! He is huge! and so cute!!!!


  • Dear Ryan,

    Please stop growing, I remember when you were born and the more you grow the more it makes me remember that Mase is right behind ya so pretty please with sugar on top slow down!

    Your Mom’s and yours internet stalker


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