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I am terrible at cooking dinner and I *think* (hope?) that if I plan out meals in advance and know what I need to buy at the grocery store, I’ll be more likely to cook. I’m one of those people that must have a recipe to cook with. Unlike my husband, I’m missing the gene that allows you to throw random food together and have it taste delicious.

So… I’ve been wanting a calendar/white board/to-do list type board for a long time. I know you can buy things like this, but I thought it’d be a fun craft. And it was! It turned out really cute!

1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue
1 Elmer’s foam board (I got black, but they have white too.)
1 sheet of dry erase poster board
Tack/Cork board
X-acto knife
Ribbon (optional, for decorating)
Hanging organizer (optional)

I got the Elmer’s glue and foam board at Walmart, but they didn’t have any dry erase poster board. Did you know they make dry erase poster board?! Love it! I went to Michael’s next because you can always find all your crafting needs there. Nope, not dry erase board! But I did get the cork board and tacks there. Then I found the hanging 2-pocket organizer at Target.  So WHERE oh where did I finally find the dry erase poster board? Walgreens.

First, I decided I wanted my calendar to be the same size at the hanging organizer so I just traced it onto the back of the dry erase board.

After cutting it out, I measured the width of the foam board and the calendar to make sure I centered it.

Then glued it on the foam board… Ryan helped!

I didn’t need the entire foam board so after I had my calendar glued in place, I cut off the extra foam board with my X-acto knife.

After cutting it, the edge was a little jagged so I decided to add a strip of blue ribbon across the top to kind of hide it.

I made sure to have enough ribbon to wrap it around the sides and glue it down on the back of the board–so it didn’t have funky ends on the edges of the board.

Then I decided where I wanted my two pieces of cork board to go underneath the calendar. They also sell larger sheets of cork board so you can make this really any size or shape you want! I thought it’d be cute to have 2 separate ones. It was sold as a 4-pack and they came with little sticky squares to put on the back–perfect!

Then I needed to make holes in the foam board so that I could attach my hanging organizer! I just happened to see this at Target–it was like $7 or $8–and I thought it’d be the perfect addition. I used the blue ribbon to tie it on–the bows on the ribbon also help hide the holes I poked with the scissors. I made sure to hang it low enough that a long envelope would fit and not cover the cork board.

Now the basics are all done, we just need to decorate! The possibilities are endless. I used black foam board because I thought white would be too blah and would need a lot more decoration… so I kept it simple with my blue ribbon. I do have some paint and I thought about decorating the black foam board with Ryan’s hand and footprints–could be really cute?! Maybe I’ll add that later… or that would make it a special gift for the grandparents?!

I added a strip of ribbon on the bottom of the calendar just for some color. I’d really like to add something at each corner of the white calendar, but I didn’t have anything on hand. Maybe a little flower? Or sticker of something cute?

The hanging organizer I got has 2 pockets (they also sell one with only one large pocket). So I labeled one “Steve” and one “Emily.” I figured we could use them for mail or other important pieces of paper. You could label them “incoming” and “outgoing” too–or your kids’ names. Right now I have some dry erase board markers and eraser in there, and some cork board tacks.

The cork board can be used for anything you want to keep track of–a business card or phone number, local take-out menu, grocery or shopping list, etc.

I used the dry erase board markers to create a calendar. I didn’t measure for this part and really should have because you can see my squares aren’t all the same size. But I love that I can just erase and start over and create a new month when it’s time. I filled in important dates and started my menu planning for the first week!

Well?! How does it look?! You could totally customize it based on your color scheme–whatever ribbon color/pattern you wanted or getting fancy with paint on the foam board or cork board. The only thing missing is a magnet area, that’d be cool. I supposed if I used an actual dry erase board instead of a dry erase poster board, you can buy ones that are magnetic. But I couldn’t find one that was the right size–plus they’re thick and bulky.

I haven’t decided yet where to hang this–I think maybe on the side of our fridge, it’s the perfect size. And hey! Then I have my magnetic area! 😉

Overall: I spent maybe $14? And have some materials left over that I could use to make something else. And it took maybe an hour to make! I love it and would definitely make these as gifts at holidays or a housewarming type thing.

Do you have any awesome ideas for ways to change this tutorial? Would love to hear them! (And thanks to Elmer’s #GlueNGlitter for the supplies!)

This project has been compensated as part of a craft recipe project using Elmer’s #collectivebias. However, all opinions and ideas are my own and this was on my to-do list anyway!

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