Planet Fassa: interactive children’s website to get kids reading & back outside

Planet Fassa is a new website whose goal is to give kids the opportunity to read books, participate in activities, on-and-off line, and communicate with friends and family members through various activities. The site provides tools for parents to make being active fun and exciting for their children.

The colorful, easy to use site makes it simple for children to find their favorite activities and start playing right away. Through a series of books called “Fassa Tails”, children can go on adventures with their favorite Planet Fassa characters. Each story includes activities that inspire children to recreate situations outside that the characters faced in the stories and each book gets added to their virtual bookshelf, showing their reading progress.

The site also allows parents to find activities that fit with their child’s specific needs. Planet Fassa has over 250 “nuggets”, which are games and activities that all have reward-earning points that motivate your child to get off the computer and play. Children’s reward points go into their virtual allowance which can be redeemed with their parents. Parents can even create their own rewards for children to work toward. Parents can narrow down the “nuggets” database based on the amount of time they have, issues they are facing, materials they have available, what they want to do, and location, personalizing each activity for that child. Nuggets include anywhere from “Tupperware Towers“ where children build towers made of Tupperware to “Doctor’s Office Hangman” where children play an exciting game of hangman while waiting at the doctor’s office to “Be an Earth Protector” which makes learning about taking care of the Earth fun for kids.

Planet Fassa can also be an excellent tool for working parents. Parents are able to log in and view their child’s activities as well as become a member of their children’s village. Friends and family can all join your child’s village so they can all stay connected and see the progress that the kids are making. Most important of all, parents can rest assured knowing that they can choose and monitor who their child interacts with on the site.

Planet Fassa encourages children to read, imagine, and participate!

Check out the site for yourself at Planet Fassa

**The text above is a guest post from the makers over at Planet Fassa–a fun website for kids! Please welcome them and show some love!**

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