SURPRISE! The big Applecheeks cloth diapers PRINTS reveal!

Ahhhh, can you hardly stand it?! I’ve been waiting too long to see these beautiful, brand new prints from one of my favorites–Applecheeks! I was one super lucky blogger that was asked to help with the big reveal and was sent one of the print diapers a few days ago. But no worries, now I get to share my pictures of it with all of you AND you’ll have chances to win your own!

I wish I would have taped my reaction when I opened the package. I ripped it open and was in love immediately. The print I got is similar to Ryan’s bedroom theme so of course we always buy stuff related to it. But… I’ve never been able to find a cloth diaper in this theme that I’ve liked. UNTIL NOW! Seriously.

Are you excited to see Ryan’s fluffy butt?!

TA-DA! Do you love it or what?! I can’t stop staring at it.Β The diaper I received is called “Wild Child” and I didn’t even notice it right away, but each animal is holding an apple! How awesome and unique to Applecheeks is that?!



The other diaper is called “Delicious” and has green and blue Applecheeks apples on it. Again, totally unique <–that’s my favorite part about these. Other favorites: they’re super soft diapers (as usual! I totally rubbed my face on it when I opened it.) and in my opinion, they’re both gender neutral. I’d put either one of these new prints on Ryan or on a baby girl.

Each print also has a matching storage sac! I.must.have. Like I said–it’s part of Ryan’s “theme” AND it’s incredibly cute. I need to get the Delicious diaper too!


Want to buy these diapers?! Normally the AC covers cost $19.50 and the bundles cost $28.30… but from June 7th-14th, they will be $19 for a cover and $27.80 for a bundle!

Okay, so how can you win?!

1. Attend the Printalicious party on Wednesday night (June 8th, 9-10pm EST)! RSVP and find details here: Printalicious!

2. Head over to my giveaway blog and enter to win a $25 Applecheeks gift card to pick out whatever you want!

Show some Applecheeks love and let me know–do you love the new prints?! Which one is your favorite?

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