17 months: milestones

ohmygosh, Ryan is almost one and a half years old!!!! That means he’s almost 2!!! That means he’s almost off to college!!! LOL. But seriously.

I think I skipped this last month, but thought I’d check out the milestone chart again at babycenter.com just to see how awesome Ryan is 😉 Soo…

Mastered Skills (most kids can do):
uses 6 words regularly: ummmm, Ryan definitely knows at least 6 words (mom, dad, up, cracker, grandma, grandpa, yes, cheese, down, bye, hi, car…) but he doesn’t use them regularly. He prefers to point and whine.

*Enjoys pretend games: well, he loves to sweep or mop the floor, push a stroller, kiss his animals/dolls, or anything else that mommy and daddy do.

*Likes riding toys: he LOVES getting on his trike or wagon while we push him and he does have some toys that he sits on and is supposed to move along himself, but he can’t quite do it yet. He can go backwards on those lol.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do):
*Feeds doll: hmmm, I don’t think he does this yet. He doesn’t really have an attachment to his stuffed animals or dolls yet–but if handed one, he does put on shoes or brush their hair or give them kisses. Oh and he tries to feed me and Daddy all the time–does that count?

*Speaks more clearly: the words he does know are definitely more clear (mama has turned into MOM, for example)

*Throws a ball underhand: he likes to throw things–it’s so cute–but I’m trying to think if he has even attempted underhand! I think just an overhand throw. I’ll have to show him underhand now!

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do):
*Dances to music: oh yes. He has been doing this for awhile. At first it was just a bounce or sway back and forth, now he gets his arms pumping and moving too. Funny!

*Sorts toys by color, shape or size: he can sort by shape–you know, those “sorting” toys with the cutout lids they have to put the shapes in the right spot. He knows exactly where they go. We’re working on colors.

*Kicks ball forward: yep, he does this too.

—-Okay, I’d just like to note my mommy brain. I just had to do a search on my blog to make sure I hadn’t already written this 17-month milestone post. AHHHHHHHHHHH, losing my mind I tell ya.

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