Whatever makes you laugh

Ya know how sometimes things are just SO BAD all you can do is laugh? Because otherwise you’d cry. Like flying with a toddler? lol. Yea, that post will come. I need to save up energy just to think about that experience again, haha.

This is a stupid story. But it was really funny (and terrible) at the moment, so I’m sharing it.

I went over to my mom’s to pick up Ryan this morning–he had a sleepover there last night. Our cats are out of food and I didn’t feel like going to the store so I was borrowing some from my mom. She had just bought a huge bag of cat food so I picked it up and poured it into her cat food dispenser container thingy for her–helping out! I then used that container to pour some food into a ziploc bag that I could take home.

My mom was watching me do this.

Suddenly, the top came off the container as I was pouring.

ALL the cat food went everywhere. EVERYWHERE, I TELL YOU!

Apparently my face was one of complete shock and horror and surprise and AHHHHHHHH! And my mom immediately started cracking up and she told me she wished she had a camera. I wished I had a time machine.


What else to do but laugh?

But wait. Then I ask my mom if that happens often. She said……………………. “YES.” Thanks for the warning! More laughing (to keep from possibly strangling her?)

And thank goodness I wasn’t at home alone to clean the mess myself. My mom helped and Ryan did his best to help, haha. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a pain. A million bajillion tiny pieces of cat food. All.Over.

Shari Criso’s facebook question yesterday was “what always makes your baby or child laugh?” so I thought of situations like this!

Then… I got an email a little bit ago from Hallmark. They have a new campaign called “Life is a Special Occasion” and the point is to push the pause button on daily life and stop to think about the beauty of unplanned and imperfect moments. Of course there are a MILLION moments with Ryan that I could think of. But it was just perfect timing to get this email right after this CATastrophe (ha, get it? I’m funny) and it was all I could think of. So you’re supposed to complete the phrase “_________ is a special occasion!” And this is what I’ve got: Being a daughter is a special occasion! My mom always (okay, MOST of the time ;)) makes me laugh!

Now……… wait for it……………..



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