homemade Father’s Day gifts

Ryan was a sweetheart for Father’s Day this year 🙂 He made his dad and grandpas some awesome (semi-)homemade gifts! Each one got their own coffee mug to use at work that Ryan decorated all by himself! He’s an artist, really.

Okay, we broke one cup and I had to make an emergency run to get another one… and he wanted to spend all him time coloring only the bottom of the cup…. but after we got around those issues, it was great! And we had so much fun!

I love it! And I want one too! When I bought them (at Michael’s), I wondered how they’d turn out and if Ryan would even sit and color on them. But of course he did and he loved it!

Then we made a picture frame for Daddy. I don’t have any photos of the process, but it’s easy. I bought a plain wood frame from Michael’s (ya know, the ones that are only a couple dollars), some washable crayola paints and brushes and a wooden decal thingy that says “i <3 dad."

First, I painted the frame white so that the other colors would stand out more. Then Ryan had at it with the rest of the colors (blue, green, red, and yellow). Sometimes he used the same brush for all colors, sometimes he used a different brush. Sometimes he used his fingers. And sometimes I had to guide him with where to put more color (by putting a drop of the paint on the frame and letting him smear it around). Then we glued on the decal thingy. I LOVE IT! So sweet. I have the perfect picture to put in it, I just need to have it printed!

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