Ah, the summer life of a teacher

I’ve officially been a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) for just over a month now. I’m an instructor at our local college, but have the summers off. I remember my very first totally free day after school was over… I said, “what are we going to do?!?!” And by “we,” I meant me and Ryan!

I’m the type of person that totally needs structure and schedule. Otherwise I never do anything… it’s so easy for me to get in a rut and just want to sit. Especially when I’m totally exhausted all the time by my energetic-monster-toddler and current pregnancy.

I thought I’d have more free time, but I have less. Bloggy work is so much harder now because I’m home alone all day with Ryan and he does not like it for a SECOND when I’m on the computer!

Soo… I’m trying (really hard, I swear!) to keep myself on a schedule. A cleaning, cooking, playing, blogging schedule. I try to go somewhere with Ryan in the mornings, get home for nap time, then do things around the house in the afternoon. It goes something like this:

Mondays: grocery store, cook, vacuum
Tuesdays: pool, leftovers, clean
Wednesdays: park?, cook, errands
Thursdays: gym (tot gym.. for Ryan… not a gym for me, hahaha), maybe cook, clean
Fridays: fun day. who knows.

Every day: laundry. Lots of laundry, all the time. Doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen….

I have a few BIG tasks I want to get done this summer too. I want to finish “Ryan’s room,” which still needs old wallpaper glue scraped off the walls (WHO WANTS TO HELP?!!?!) and the walls to be painted. I want to work on some online ideas I’ve had for awhile… and clear out our house of JUNK. Steve and I just have too much stuff and I’m ready to declutter. Especially because we’re moving in a few months.

I love being a stay-at-home-mom right now, but I can say that it’s definitely harder. Going to work for a few hours a day was definitely my break that kept my sanity. Does that mean that some days, now that I’m not working, I go insane? Yes. That’s exactly what it means. That’s why I try to get out of the house at least once a day!

It doesn’t matter where we go… we just need OUT! Whether it’s running errands, grocery shopping, going to the park or pool for an hour, taking a walk…

So that’s definitely one thing I love about this summer. I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time outside! Ryan absolutely loves being outside and so do I–although it may be time to invest in some anti aging skincare products from all this sun, hahaha. (I probably should have started that years ago, right?)

Being outside with Ryan every day means I get to be a kid again… playing in the sprinkler, getting in a kiddie pool, drawing with chalk, smelling the flowers, swinging on swings and going down slides… what do you love to do outside with your kids?

I was feeling tired and overwhelmed when I started this post… but after writing about what fun we have and about being a kid again, I feel so much better! I’m ready to get back outside with Ryan, haha. That’s why I love this blog 😉

*yes this post contains a paid link & now I can go buy more sidewalk chalk & pool toys for the little man 😉

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