Ryan’s special place

When I was little, we always had “Family Night” one night a week. My brother and I would get alone time with our mom or dad–each week we’d switch off who was with who. Sometimes we’d stay in and play games and sometimes we’d go out–to an arcade, park, to dinner, etc. But the COOLEST place ever, was our “special place.” My dad would take us here and as a little kid, I had no idea where we were. But I now know that just down the street from our house, there was nothing but a forest. It’s now been torn down for streets and buildings (sad!), but when we were little, my dad would drive his jeep through dirt paths and we’d explore the forest… it really was awesome. It was like a different, magical world to us little kids.

Now, Ryan has his own “special place!” My parents have quite the back yard… about an acre of trees and greenery; it’s beautiful. Near the house, at the side of the back yard, my dad created a pathway… or a tunnel… through the trees. At the entrance to this place, there’s an arch with a gate for Ryan to open. Once inside, you’re surround by trees on all sides and above. The path goes back far enough to feel like you’re secluded and my dad put a little picnic table back there.

I love it so much that *I* want to play in there and I’m 26 years old! Ryan always has to check it out when we go over there. He loves to open and close the gate, run down to the picnic table and back. And then down and back again. And again. 🙂

I don’t have a picture of it, but my dad got a sign too that says “Special Place.” 🙂

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