FINALLY painting Ryan’s room

Soooo, when Ryan was like 5 months old (?) I ripped down the hideous wallpaper in his room. I had big plans for painting and decorating!

Ugly Wallpaper:

But there was all this glue residue left on the walls and it would NOT come off by any normal methods of cleaning and scraping. I bought that “diff” stuff from the paint aisle… you spray it on, let it sit for 10 minutes, then sponge it off. Sponge?! No. Not happening. Didn’t work. I had to buy a big scraper and push with all my might to scrape that crap off.

super annoying glue residue on the walls:

Needless to say…. it was HARD.

And… it never got done. Okay, it’s over half done (yay?), but one entire wall still needs to be scraped and the very top of a second wall (because I couldn’t reach it).

Well…. I’ve got my butt in gear now. Early nesting habits of the 2nd pregnancy?! lol. By the end of NEXT WEEK, Ryan’s room WILL BE PAINTED. You heard it here first, people.

Here’s the room. The wallpaper is off, but this picture was taken before I had scraped the glue off so you can kinda see that. Also, don’t worry about matching the paint color with his room theme (the curtains) because I think I might change the theme AND we’re moving soon anyway so this won’t be Ryan’s room for long 😉

I went to Walmart to pick up some of their awesome $3 tiny bottles of Glidden testers (see below for a $2 off coupon too!). They even come with their own little brush attached to the lid and there’s enough paint for a 3-square-foot area if you wanted. I *tried* to pick outside of my comfort zone… and this Walmart only had testers in their top 10 colors, soooo, only have ten colors to choose from made it a lot easier, haha. I went with a red, a blue and a green.

Painted on the wall of Ryan’s room, here they are!

Truly Olive:

Red Delicious:

Steel Blue:

So, which one do you like?! I’m looking forward to painting the room something “different” from what I’m used too–like a beige or tan color. This will be fun! Now I just need to choose one…….. hmmmmmmmmm……… I think the red is too bright. I like the blue color for Ryan’s room, but think this “steel blue” might be too… icy looking? Although this picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s prettier in person–light and calm. I like the green color too because it’s different and we could make the trim white to have it look really pretty. I think that color would easily convert to a different type of room if we didn’t want to use it as a nursery anymore.

The DIY section at Walmart was straight at the back of the store and when I walked up, there were like 5 Glidden balloons tied around their products, which made it REALLY easy to find. The testers were right next to all the paint chip samples. They’re only $3 each, but use this coupon for $2 off one tester!!!

~This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Glidden Testers/Paint #collectivebias #gliddentesters. All opinions are my own and I’m really going to paint Ryan’s room this time. REALLY!



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