Ryan goes to the zoo!

Steve’s parents have a lakehouse in WI that’s near Madison. A couple of weeks ago we finally drove into the city to take Ryan to the free zoo… for being free, it’s really nice! It was super hot and Ryan was getting close to his nap time so he was kind of quiet, but he made a few OOOOO and AHHHH sounds at certain animals! It was soooo cute.

Saying hi to the Orangutan:

Having fun with Uncle Brian:

Feeding the goats with Grandpa and Uncle Brian! Ryan wasn’t too sure about it, haha. He did put his hand out to feed the goats (ya know, if Brian or Grandpa held his arm out for him, lol)

Checking out the big brown bear with Uncle Brian! Ryan spent most of this zoo trip on the shoulders of Brian, Steve or Grandpa, haha.

He really liked the bison! He also really like the giraffe and camel–he kept pointing and saying OOOOO!!! But I didn’t catch any pictures.

No feeding the animals!!! Just the baby 😉

What’s your kid’s favorite animal at the zoo?!

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