Exciting news for BlogHer11

Ahhhh, BlogHer11 is less than a week away! I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. If you aren’t familiar with it, BlogHer is a huge annual conference for bloggers (mainly women)–it’s a place where we can network, connect, share ideas, attend educational sessions, meet brands, try new products, maybe party a little, and have a LOT of fun! I went last year in NY, met some amazing women that I’m still close with, and can’t wait to be in San Diego with the same ladies next week.

I have some partial sponsorships I’d like to announce. First, there’s My Baby Experts. You should be familiar with Shari Criso’s weekly LIVE web broadcast because I’ve only been talking about it for almost the past year! This show is dedicated to helping new moms (or moms in general) and every week there’s a new topic. Previous topics have included: breastfeeding, cloth diapering, vaccines, vitamin D, pregnancy health, multiples, VBACs and c-sections, etc. The information is invaluable and I’ve learned so much!

PLEASE go RSVP for the show this Tuesday (August 2nd, 9-10pm EST) and learn how you can win an iPAD2 (or $500 cash)!!! Find more show details and how to watch here: My Baby Experts TV Show.

Can’t make the show, but still want to win an iPad? 😉 Make sure you “like” Shari’s facebook fan page so you don’t miss any important information!

My other sponsor is Topricin–the all-natural pain relief cream. I recently wrote a review of their products (and am currently hosting a giveaway–so go enter!). More will be coming on them later, but I loooove this stuff because you can use it on everything. There’s a Junior bottle for your kids–for all those times they bump their heads, scrape their knees, get bug bites, etc.


My roomies (Mama B and Little BGCG) and I are hosting a SWAG SUITE! That means free stuff for you, fyi 😉 You’ll get some great goodies from Shari Criso, Topricin and more! You’ll also be entered to win an iPad2 (or $500 cash)! There are designated swag times on Friday and Saturday of the conference so make sure you RSVP using the form below and secure your spot!

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