BlogHer11 to-do list

I have a hard time accepting things are real until they’re here, in my face. So it makes sense that BlogHer is like 4 days away and I’ve barely started on my to-do list! It will be a busy week.

Sure, I’ve done all the basics–I have a ticket and a flight (arrive at 3pm Thursday and leave at 10am Sunday) and a hotel room with 3 awesome roomies (Baby Birthing Mama, Mama B, and Me as a Mommy).

I have business cards and a postcard to advertise a special BlogHer giveaway. (beautiful iphone quality pictures below)

BlogHer11 TO-DO LIST: (this might make me cry)

1. Call the hotel and double-check all our names are on the reservation (to ensure we all get the swag drops!) and request early check-in.

2. Do some work for my sponsors (My Baby Experts and Topricin). This ranges from setting up ad space, writing posts, tweets, organizing swag pick-ups, etc.

3. Find my “I <3 @babydickey” buttons that I brought to BlogHer last year. I have a lot left that I want to bring again this year!

4. Catch up on blog stuff and schedule some posts to go up. I am really behind and neglecting it for 4 days while at BlogHer will just make it worse!

5. Figure out what to wear! I think I over-packed last year, not knowing what to expect. Maybe I should write another post on what to pack because I have some advice on that ๐Ÿ˜‰ I ย need day-time outfits each day (for sessions, expo hall, etc.) and outfits to change in to at night for the fun (sometimes themed) parties. With this growing baby (and belly), what fits today may not fit by the end of the week, haha, so I better choose carefully!

6. Record some songs and books on tape to leave with Ryan. I remember watching Steve and Ryan as my bus drove away for the airport last year and it took everything I had not to stand up and shout “STOP THE BUS!” I think it will be a bit easier this time, haha, but I’m going to miss him like crazy and worry about him missing me.

7. Find my pump! And storage bags! I haven’t had to pump breastmilk in FOREVER.

8. I have a QR code on my business cards so I need to actually create the page it links to. I’m also handing out postcards that advertise a special BlogHer giveaway so I need to create that page, too! Eeeeek.

9. All the little things: charge my camera and laptop and phone, do laundry, run some errands to get snacks, etc.

10. Remember to have FUNNNNNNNNNNNN. Maybe I’ll pack my swim suit and just hang out at the Marriott pool all day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Okay, maybe I’ll walk by it and stick my feet in, at least!

How much do you still have to do before BlogHer11?!

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