Ryan’s newly painted room!

Just over a week ago I posted about painting Ryan’s room and I had selected three possible paint samples to try out: Truly Olive, Red Delicious and Steel Blue. At the time, I was leaning toward truly olive, but ended up making a different decision.

I had to ask my husband’s opinion (ya know, because he lives here too) and the opinion of my brother-in-law because, after all, this is his house and we are renting from him.

So what’d we all decide on?!

OLD ROOM with unpainted/glue covered walls:

and… introducing the NEW… BLUE room!

Don’t mind the taping around the doors and windows that we haven’t removed yet… and the dresser/mirror in the middle of the room, haha. We moved the rest of the furniture and decor out of the room, but just pushed that thing to the middle and covered the wood floor with plastic sheets.

The samples really helped us see what the paint would look like on our walls. One of the 4 walls in this room is actually dark wood paneling so we were worried how a certain color would show up on there, too. The sample turned out great so we figured it was a safe bet!

And, luckily, this Glidden Brilliance Collection paint is “2n1” so it has paint AND primer. We definitely needed the primer for that wood wall.

The wall on the right in the picture above is the wood paneled wall–can’t even tell, right?! There are still some wet spots in this picture at the corner of paint drying, fyi.

I took so many pictures of the room.. flash on, flash off, zoomed in, zoomed out, different angles… trying to capture what this paint really looks like. I’m not sure any of these pictures do it justice! It’s a very rich blue. It’s a bright/light blue color (“Steel Blue”), but it’s a dark color.. if that makes any sense!

We love it! It matches Ryan’s curtains and theme really well and the room looks completely different. I’m so excited!! Believe me, this was a LOOONG time coming. I tore down the ugly wallpaper in this room like a year ago. The glue was mostly scraped off the walls in the following months, but was then abandoned. Until now. A year-long project. So obviously it was a pretty big surprise when I announced to family and friends that Ryan’s room was finally painted! I’m terrible at keeping exciting secrets so I invited my parents over to see it before even putting all Ryan’s furniture and decor back in the room. Maybe because I wanted their help with doing that 😉

Ryan’s excited about his new, awesome looking room!

Oh my gosh, just look at those before and after pictures. It’s a whole new place! The Glidden paint was awesome–it was nice quality and thick so it really didn’t even drip at all! I’m used to painting and making a huge mess, haha. We only bought one can of this paint and definitely still have some left over. I’m thinking of using it to accent some decor items. Maybe the knobs on Ryan’s dresser, a picture frame or two and possibly some hand/footprints of Ryan’s on white paper to frame and put on the wall.

Thank you, Glidden!
This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Glidden Testers/Paint #collectivebias #gliddentesters. All opinions and painting jobs are my own 😉

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