Pregnancy: week 15


A beefsteak tomato! I don’t know what that is. Why can’t they just say “a tomato?” Babycenter refers to this week as an apple, so that’s a little better. Weighing 2.5 ounces and about 4 inches from crown to rump! Huge! lol.

Primitive air sacs in the lungs are developing as this lil babe “breathes” amniotic fluid.

Eyelids are still fused shut, but (s)he can sense light (and pressure) from the outside.

(Compare to my 15 week photo from my 1st pregnancy)

I’ve been blaming allergies lately (even though I never have allergies) because I didn’t even realize that a runny or stuffy nose was a pregnancy symptom. Now I know! It’s because of hormones and all the increased blood flow that results in an increase in mucous–yum. I feel like my sinuses are going crazy and I’ve been punched in the face.

Bleeding gums and nosebloods are common, too, but so far–none of that here!

I remember “pregnancy brain” from the last time very well. I’d stop mid-sentence and have NO IDEA what I was just about to say. It was bad. You think that gets better after the baby is born? No. Then it’s called “momnesia.” When we got pregnant again I was like, “oh great, this is going to be a disaster. Momnesia AND preggo brain?! I won’t know how to dress myself!” And yes, it’s true that I sometimes can’t remember the last time I showered, but I don’t think I’ve noticed pregnancy brain yet this time……. or I’m just so out of it that I don’t even realize, hahaha. It’s possible.

I *think* I’m starting to feel the baby move! It doesn’t happen often–maybe once or twice a day–but it’s something! Exciting!!!

I’m going to call this week to set up my ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby. I know they like to do it at 20 weeks, but I can’t wait that long! I’ll try for around 17 weeks. And I think I’m going to have her write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and NOT tell me what it is. First–Steve won’t be able to be there since he has to work and I don’t want to find out without him! Second–I think it will be fun to announce the news together, with family! Any fun and creative ideas for this? I was thinking I’d give the piece of paper to my mom and she’ll make a cake or cupcakes with a pink or blue filling… we’ll have a little party with family and we’ll all be surprised at the same time! Fun?

The swimsuit I bought during my last pregnancy when I was 20 weeks along left slight red marks around my legs today… that means I’m bigger this time… oh joy.

Weight: 112 lb (+5 total, up 1 lb from last week)
Feeling: great except for this mucus/headache/blah
Looking forward to: meeting with a doula!
Getting worried about: the costs adding up for this homebirth… coming in a future post… and buying/moving into a new house before this baby comes
Excited for: tumbling class and swimming class that both start next week for Ryan!

What does Ryan do while I’m taking belly pics? Whatever keeps him happy. Usually? throwing toilet paper in the toilet and flushing it 5 times:

9 comments to Pregnancy: week 15

  • I love Ryan’s face in that picture! So cute! And I have no idea what a beefsteak tomato is either – maybe a mini cherry tomato?


    babydickey Reply:

    lol I just saw beefsteak tomatoes at the grocery store today! They’re just like a regular, large tomato! 🙂


  • Sara

    When I get pregnant I *hope* to wait until delivery to learn the gender. That said, my husband really (hopefully as a joke?) wants to do the bakery thing! Why not give the note to the baker and have him/her do it … that way mom can be surprised too! (But ask for the note back … just to make 100% sure they got it right)!


    babydickey Reply:

    haha, that’s what I suggested! But my mom REALLLLLY wants to get the note and plan the little party, lol.


  • Mary

    Just one small thing. The anatomy scan at 20ish weeks has a purpose other than seeing the sex of the baby. It’s checking for anatomical issues, some of which can be very serious. It needs to be scheduled at the appropriate developmental time, so that it is as accurate as possible. I hope that all goes well with yours!


    babydickey Reply:

    That is not a small thing, that is a BIG thing! I appreciate you telling me. I have a list of questions to ask during the ultrasound about the heart, etc, but somehow (embarrassingly) didn’t realize how important it was to be at 20 weeks. But of course that makes sense. Then I will be waiting! Thank you!


    Mary Reply:

    I don’t think it has to be right at 20 exactly, but it’s probably good to check with the doc and go with what they recommend and not try to go to far on the early side 🙂 17 weeks might be ok but that’s a bit earlier than I usually hear of.


  • Cathy

    A beefsteak tomato is a large tomato!!


  • Beth

    I sure do want the note and would LOVE to have a pink or blue party! Once you give me the note, I won’t look at it until you leave and will have to schedule the party very soon afterwards so my face doesn’t give it away!!!!


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