Pregnancy: week 17

5 ounces and 5 inches long from head to bottom
Skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone
Starting to develop adipose tissue (baby fat!)
…and sweat glands

compare to week 17 from my last pregnancy–every week I’m amazed by the difference!

Hm, not much new this week, so let’s do a survey I found online:

~when is your due date: Feb. 17th.. Valentine’s baby or Leap Year baby?!

~what are your fears: None. Okay, that’s a lie. I think some fear is normal and good, but I’m trying to work through my biggest fear–a repeat c-section. Fear is NOT a good or healthy thing to have going into labor. And this time, if I do end up with a c-section, it will at least be warranted. And I will know that I tried everything I could to avoid it. So that makes me feel a lot better–much more accepting.

~what are you most happy about: a BABY! and Ryan to have a sibling–he’s going to be an awesome big brother (awww)

~do you want a boy or girl: I’ve always wanted a girl. But Ryan is awesome and he makes me want to have another boy. So either is great with me 🙂

~does the father want a boy or girl: When I was pregnant with Ryan, Steve always said he wanted a girl. He has since changed his mind… maybe because, like I said, Ryan is so awesome. But also because he’s obsessed with the “texts from last night” iPhone app and from reading those (inappropriate) texts all the time, he says we are never having a girl, hahaha.

~have you felt the baby move: Barely. I felt Ryan move by now last pregnancy and everyone says you feel the baby move earlier the 2nd time. Apparently not true for me. Maybe 1-2 times a day I feel a little fluttering, but nothing that has been like THAT’S TOTALLY THE BABY!

~do you have names picked out: a couple of girl names, but absolutely no boy names… we used our 2 favorites on Ryan

~are you scared about labor: nope, it’s going to be empowering and awesome

~who will be in the delivery room: you mean in my house? 😉 My midwife, doula, husband… Ryan will be here, but probably in the other room most of the time with grandma

~are you having the birth videotaped: I remember taking a survey like this during my last pregnancy and I know I answered this question with a “HELL NO.” How far I’ve come… I’d love to have a video this time! Ya know, probably not of the ACTUAL birth, but how about like a side view? lol.

Weight: 114 lb (+7 lb total)
Countdown to ultrasound to determine sex: 3.5 weeks
Next midwife appt: Sept 27

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