Pregnancy: week 20 – we’re HALF WAY!


Well that just seems perfect for this lovely Fall weather! A butternut squash or, ya know, a banana.. a carrot… take your pick. When I first saw how big the baby is now, I thought she turned into a giant in the past week. But it turns out we’re now measuring from head to TOE instead of from head to bottom like we have been. Adding in those legs adds quite a bit of length 🙂 So she’s about 10 inches long.

She’s starting to produce meconium–the gooey substance that accumulates in the bowel and gives us a great, big, black, sticky poop shortly after birth. Oh yay! I missed that poop with Ryan (oh darn) because I was so drugged up and out of it after the cesarean… Steve ended up with that diaper in the hospital. Hahaha.

compare to 20 weeks from my last pregnancy

“Whoooaaaa, we’re halfway there… take my hand and we’ll make it I swear… whoooooa.”

Seriously though, whoa. Halfway?!?! Where has the time gone?! I feel like a slacker: I’ve talked to a couple doulas via email, but haven’t met any in person yet (which means we haven’t hired one yet). I haven’t started (or even looked at) my hypnobabies home course yet (it’s about time to start that, right????), I suck at prenatal exercise…. ahhhh.

Reaching the halfway point made me panic a little. I feel like we have so much to do (close on our house, pack and move. unpack! decorate a nursery. prepare for the homebirth. halloween, thanksgiving, christmas. blah blah blah) AND I feel much too close to the due date even though I know it’s still pretty far away. February will be here before we know it though, right?!

Knock on wood, but not much news this week. I’ve been feeling pretty good… none of the bad symptoms (yet) like heartburn, acne breakouts, stretch marks… we’re all good! Baby girl is all good! 🙂

Speaking of this baby girl… her kicks are now strong enough that I can feel them on the outside of my belly. She doesn’t move that much though so I haven’t been able to get Steve over fast enough to feel a kick yet.

AND I had my FIRST random stranger preggo comment today. I was surprised, too, because I had on a baggy sweatshirt and a winter coat (unzipped, but still). It was a pharmacist and he congratulated me and asked all about the due date, sex, etc. I should mention we’re on a mini-vacation in northern Wisconsin where people are apparently MUCH nicer than they are in Rockford, IL. I swear this would have never happened there! Haha.

Also? What is it that makes other women want to tell pregnant women how much their own labor and birth HURT? Think about it. Why would you want to terrify some poor girl, especially a first-timer? Geeeez. Punch me, please, if I ever get old and forget that and start telling random women about the trauma and pain of my births!

Weight: I won’t be home and near a scale until probably Wednesday… so let’s guess (and hope) for 119 (+1 lb from last week, +12 lb total)

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