Diaper Daisy: grand re-opening giveaway!

YAY! Diaper Daisy is BACK! Mom-owned, this adorable online shop is run by Jess and Robyn and 5 (soon-to-be 6!) diapered lil babies! You can fill all of your cloth diapering needs here and–best of all–learn all about cloth if you’re new to it. Steve and I were slow to start cloth because we were so overwhelmed with all the different kinds and terms and information online–AH! At Diaper Daisy, you can get a run down on all the types and terminology, frequently asked questions and even get help with washing them.

Diaper Daisy is also more than diapers. You can find baby carriers, swim diapers, training pants, natural baby care products, accessories like wipes, pail liners, wet bags, and laundry items, and stuff for mom like nursing pads, teas, and feminine pads. Some of my favorites:


But the COOLEST part of Diaper Daisy? Their diaper trial service. When we first looked into cloth diapering, everyone told us not to buy a ton of diapers of only one type or brand. They said we might not end up liking them or they might not work for our baby. I thought… so we buy a bunch of random types and brands and then when we figure out what we love, we buy more of that? Well that seems like a waste, too! Right?! And having no idea what we were doing, we had no idea where to start or what to try. So wouldn’t you know we started with a no-obligation cloth diaper service, a lot like the one Diaper Daisy offers! PERFECT solution.

Their original cloth diaper trial package includes a bunch of different diapers to try for two weeks, no obligations. The amazing part? It’s only $20. You do have to pay $120 deposit, but you get it back upon return of the diapers (and they include the return envelope for you). You can try fitteds, pockets, covers, inserts, AIOs, one-size, etc. Check the link for the whole list!

They also have a cloth diaper trial service you can customize. Enter your baby’s weight (for correct diaper size), color preference (boy, girl or neutral), and then select certain brands or types of diapers you’d like to try. This one lasts for 3 weeks and costs $30. The rest of the money you pay for the diapers is refundable upon return of the diapers–or just keep the ones you like!

Also–don’t miss their SALE and GENTLY USED sections for items at a discount!

GIVEAWAY: in honor of this grand re-opening, you get a chance to win a $25 gift card to use on anything you’d like at Diaper Daisy! Even better? This whole week is filled with awesome Diaper Daisy giveaways, check them all out here and then use the form below to enter!

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