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This list is more for my own benefit because I’m one of those nerdy list-makers and it helps me get things done. I’ve been stalking craigslist the past month while we’re waiting to close on our new house. We moved from Iowa (where we were at school) back to Illinois in my parents’ basement–so we got rid of a lot of our stuff and the rest went into a storage unit. When we finally got our own apartment, it was only a 1-bedroom so we didn’t have much space and slowly starting accumulating our own stuff, but only lived there 3 months before moving…. and then we moved into Steve’s grandpa’s house (he moved out of state), which was fully furnished.
SOOOO…. we are moving with practically nothing. No couches, no bed, no tables, etc… all we really have are 2 TVs, 1 TV stand, 1 twin bed, a mini pub-style table (ahhh, the pre-kid life), and a kitchen full of stuff (thank you wedding gifts). Oh and of course Ryan’s room full of stuff.
Things we’ve already snagged:
  • small armoire & end table (that I’m painting white for the baby girl’s room; $40 at a garage sale)
  • brown tile coffee table with 2 matching end tables for our family room ($100 craigslist)
  • children’s table with 2 chairs ($4 craigslist)
  • wall mirror ($10 garage sale)
  • four cube organizers (1 pink, 2 espresso, 1 white; $50 craigstlist)
  • outdoor playhouse for Ryan ($45 garage sale)
  • picnic table for Ryan ($20 craigslist)

Hmmm… I think Ryan might be the one making out here. We better save anything else we find for him for Christmas!!! (edit: since drafting this 2 days ago… I have now bought Ryan a Christmas present and a birthday present from craigslist, love that site! A ride-on train with tracks for $55 and a Step2 roller coaster for $50). I think I have a Craigslist addiction and I need help. There, I said it out loud. 🙂

What we still need:
  • family room couch set (browns/natural colors)
  • kitchen table (dark, rectangular)
  • king-size mattress
  • king-size bedding set*
  • rugs* (entryway, bathrooms, laundry room)
  • bar stools* (6)
  • patio set*
  • white crib
  • white/pink chandelier* (hoping to find cheap vintage and paint it)
  • washer and electric dryer
  • and, ya know, allllllllllll the stuff that goes into making a house a home… that we’ll accumulate over the YEARS…

*things we don’t need right away and probably won’t buy for a while… unless I catch a great deal on craigslist or ebay… or blog product reviews.

Know of any other sites like Craigslist I should keep my eye on? I should check out goodwill, too… ahhhh, so much to do!!!! 3 weeks till our closing date!


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