party time for the mamas with MAM

MAM is an Austrian company that started in 1976 when they sold their first pacifier. Now they sell over 40 million baby products every year! Pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, toothbrushes, and teethers… MAM products help with child development across many stages.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive a massive package from MAM to host my very own party! And when I say massive, I mean HUGE. I think the box was bigger than me, I was so excited to open it! It was filled with products for some very special guests of mine, a host package for me, some giveaway prizes and great ideas for games and decor.

When my guests arrived, I passed out the MAM info packets–on oral care, MAM, and breastfeeding or bottle feeding. We had cute little forms for the moms to attach a picture of their baby (or an ultrasound pic!) and fill it out with information about their little one.

Then we ate and played some games! A lot of the ladies I had over were pregnant so I had to make sure they were well fed 😉 I ordered pizzas and had homemade chocolate chip cookies.

MAM included a fun trivia game for us to play. The questions were mainly about oral care and I was surprised to learn a few things myself. Did you know that natural bristles on toothbrushes are hollow and retain moisture and bacteria? So it’s important to choose the right brush! And 25% of babies suffer from colic! Anti-colic bottles (like MAM’s) help 80% of the time.

We spent a lot of time discussing teeth-brushing habits of little ones. It was great to hear tips from others because it’s something we’ve definitely struggled with and others have been there, too!

I had the mamas fill out an evaluation form… and then…. free goodies!!!

training toothbrush + first toothbrush kit

pacifiers (glow in the dark!!!)

teethers (coolers)

anti-colic 5oz and 8oz baby bottles

oral care rabbits – for cleaning baby’s mouth

The mamas really enjoyed scoping out the products and picking what they wanted! Some had a little one at home, some were expecting baby #2 and a few were expecting baby #1, how exciting!!!

Thanks MAM for the wonderful party and great gifts! These new mamas were super excited and we had a great time learning about MAM products and oral care for our little ones! We definitely learned a lot and were able to share some great tips with each other. They asked me when we could do it again 🙂

You can find MAM on facebook, twitter, and sign up for their MAM Club for promotions, product tests and more!

some of our guests saying THANK YOU, MAM!


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