where did my baby boy go?

Ohhhh, Ryan. I don’t know where to start! I feel like I’m about to write an essay about you. You amaze me every single day with the things you’re learning and doing and saying and the things you understand…. when did you get so big?!?!?! Seriously, where’d my baby boy go? (ahhh, I’m going to start crying! lol)

You aren’t speaking a whole lot yet so sometimes it’s easy to forget what a big boy you are–but then you go and show us how to do something and it’s just amazing. You’re clearly watching our every move and picking up on everything we say and do <—scary thought, right?

Every morning, you make my coffee for me. I put you on the counter in front of the Keurig and you take it from there–for the most perfect cup of coffee ever. And it makes you so proud ๐Ÿ™‚

If I ever hurt myself, like… stub my toe, and say “ouch!” you come running over to kiss my boo-boo. If I get frustrated, you give me a big hug. If I’m reaching for something or trying to open a jar, you run over to be my little helper. You’re the sweetest boy EVER. Even your playgroup teacher said so. <– proud mommy ๐Ÿ™‚

You are talking more and it’s getting easier to understand what you ย need, which helps us both out a lot. Here are some of your recent favorites and most used: juice, again, door, go, more, no, dipe dipe (diaper), bomb (bottom, like for a diaper change), keys (you LOVE to use our keys to open the front door or car), book, car, and my favorite… MOM!

What happened to mama and mommy?? It’s exactly like that Family Guy commercial where Stewie says mom over and over. If I’m not paying attention, it’s “Mom. Mom. MOM. Mom. mom. Moooom. Mommmm. Mom. MOM,” until I just can’t help but start laughing, it’s too cute.

You love to do everything mommy and daddy do. One morning I noticed you paying particular attention to me when I was putting on my eyeliner. Later in the day, I was packing stuff in the bedroom and you disappeared. After a couple minutes, I hear “Mom. Mom. MOM.” so I come and find your face covered in my eyeliner, hahaha. You tried to get it around your eyes, too!

You love brushing your teeth with mommy and feeding the cats and helping me do laundry. You help clean–you love to take towels and “dust” or wipe up spills on the floor. Actually, the other day, you spilled some food on the floor and you started to pick it back up and put it on the table. Then you looked at it, shook your head, and put it BACK on the floor! I watched, curious. Then you ran off and came right back with your little play vacuum cleaner (ya know, the kind that doesn’t actually suck up anything, but it makes sounds like it!) and tried to vacuum up the pieces. CUTE! And when mommy vacuums? You help by moving light furniture and toys out of the way as I come through. Ahhh, I love you.

my little stud

You’ll be 22 months old in just under 2 weeks. You’re in size 24 month/2T clothes and you love wearing hats. Your shoes are size 6. You’re still in cloth diapers (but you have to wear disposables at playgroup and you’re in size 3-4). Sometimes you take your diaper off and ask to use the toilet, but have only actually gone to the bathroom in the toilet once (YAY!).

You’re still breastfeeding… kind of. You really only nurse once a day–first thing in the morning. You wake up in your crib, call for “MOM!” and I pick you up and put you in my bed–really, that’s more for me, so I have a chance to slowly wake up, haha. That’s when you nurse… sometimes during the day you’ll ask for it, and I let you, but you latch on and are right back off again, pulling my shirt back down and saying, “no.”

We ask you where the baby is and you point at my belly and sometimes give it a good pat to say “hi.” I’m so excited for you to have a baby sister because I know you’re going to be the best big brother ever!ย In the picture below, you’re resting your head on my belly like a pillow because I asked you to talk to your baby sister.

Okay, we’re not always sunshine and glitter, right? Although I do feel like there have been less tantrums lately… the word NO is your new favorite, so there’s a lot more… defiance. We regularly battle when it’s time to change your diaper or your clothes or put your shoes on or get in the car or… anything else you feel like saying NO! to. We’re working on it… counting to 3 or mentioning a time out work some of the time.

You’re a little daredevil. You have tumbling class once a week (where you’re the only boy) and you love to climb and jump and swing… they even have a zip-line that you love to ride over and over (and that mommy wishes she were small enough to ride lol). Remember falling off the dock into the lake? And the rock-climbing wall?

You love cars and trucks and buses and tractors. You get SO excited to see a big yellow bus drive down our street. You yell, point and put your hand on your forehead, like “OH MY GOSH!” It’s adorable. You love “choo choos” and we play with your trains a lot–we even got you a little “choo choo” couch. You have a cozy coupe car you love riding around the house and fixing the tires with your screwdriver (because you saw daddy do it once). You love having your own little chairs. You love music and you love to dance (a video post on that coming soon!) and you kinda sorta are starting to watch TV–and by that, I mean you’ll look at it for a couple minutes instead of not at all. You love Sesame Street and Big Bird. You LOVE reading books and when we reach the end, you say “AGAIN!” So we read it a second time… and then you say AGAIN! So we read it a third time…. and then you say AGAIN! And mommy (or daddy) reads the same book over and over as many times as we can stand it, haha.

oreo cookie mouth ๐Ÿ˜‰

You know every animal imaginable. We got a new book called Curious Critters with real photography and you can amazingly point out weird things… like the katydid (what the crap is that, right?!), jumping spider, screech owl, praying mantis, bluejay, salamander, monarch…. you’re just so smart!

You’re starting to recognize some letters, which always blows me away. You have alphabet books and magnetic letters for your easel… I can ask you to show me a letter and you will. Or you’ll hold one up and say the sound it makes or a word that starts with that letter. B for ball, M for mommy, T for TV, D for Daddy, R for Ryan… once I asked you what B was for (you always say ball) and this time you thought for a second then took off in the other room and came back with a ball in your hand. Awwww, LOVE YOU!

The past (almost) 2 years have flown by way too quickly and I look forward to every day with you and watching you grow into a little man. You will always, always, always be my baby boy.

Love you to the moon and back,
Mama and Dada <3

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