Wordless Wednesday: we still have a lot of work to do

*Red states are ones where traditional midwifery is still illegal* BOO HISS to IL (and the others).

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  • I’m curious – where did you get your map? What definition is being used for traditional midwifery? In Missouri, CPM’s have been legal since 2009 (although the law was passed in 2007). They aren’t licensed, as in there is no licensing body, but they can’t be prosecuted for attending a birth now.


    babydickey Reply:

    It was all over facebook yesterday–with all the birthy groups and people I follow. I searched for a source or a link, but couldn’t find one. I will ask some of the people that posted it if they know the origin!! I wonder if it’s older than 2007, but then weird it was just circulating…


  • I totally agree with the boo-hiss, BTW. I follow what’s going on in IL and IA, since I live close to both, and received care from some DEMs from across the border.


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