More Business of Being Born: TOMORROW!

I cannot wait to see this movie! If you aren’t familiar, More Business of Being Born is Ricki Lake’s follow-up to her first film: The Business of Being Born. Ricki had a vaginal hospital birth the first time around, but had such a terrible and negative experience that she thought… it can’t be like this! This isn’t what birth is supposed to be! So she had a life-changing, incredible homebirth for her second.

Her movies are not about convincing anyone else to have a homebirth or to do things the way she did. They’re about educating on current maternity practices and birth options.

This second movie has FOUR parts because Ricki felt like too much was left unanswered after the first movie–we needed more education! Information on VBACs, doulas, birthing centers, midwives (including the one and only Ina May Gaskin), and, of course, cesareans.

Amazing? Ricki put $450,000 of her own money into creating this sequel and will not break even. Because it’s not about that. It’s not about money. This is what she has to say (which makes me tear up a bit!):

To be able to feel empowered, to be able to feel like I felt on that day — I can do anything. It’s gotten me through my divorce. It’s gotten me through living through 9/11, downtown, I was there on that day. Even Dancing With the Stars. I’m bruised from head to toe. I look like a Dalmatian. But I look back on that experience 10 years ago. If I can get through natural childbirth at home and deliver an 8-pound, 7-ounce baby without any drugs, I can do this.

It’s incredibly inspiring and empowering and I can’t wait for my birth day.

The film premiers TOMORROW in LA and I soooooooooo wish I was able to go. VIP tickets are only $95 and that includes a meet-and-greet with Ricki and Abby. So jealous of anyone going (the feminist breeder, who was invited with a press pass!), can’t wait to hear all about it!

You can pre-order the DVD set (all 4 episodes) for $59.99 or you can buy each individual episode as a download for $9.99 each. Can’t wait to get my copy!

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