Homemade playdough goo tutorial

When we took a road trip 5 hours from here, I wanted LOTS of things for Ryan to do in the car so he’d stay happy (and I’d stay sane). I thought of making homemade play-doh, but thought that could get messy in the car so I made something similar–GOO!

And since we used it on a road trip, I kept the goo in plastic bags. Maybe not AS fun for the kid, haha, but still lots of fun to mix up and smoosh around! TIP: make multiple colors so your kids can practice mixing them together and learning what new colors they can make!

First, combine cornstarch, sugar, and water [amounts listed below] in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir continuously! Ryan helped with that part 🙂

It takes awhile (to the point where I thought I was doing something wrong–or maybe I’m just really impatient), but then it almost instantly gets thick like GOO!

At this point, remove the pan from the heat and stir for another minute or two while it finishes thickening up.

Let it cool for 30 minutes.

Separate the goo into different bowls–however many colors you want to make! I only made two, but there was plenty of goo to make more.

Add your food coloring.

Stir and mix!

Put them into your plastic bags. You could do each color in its own bag or half and half or mix them up… you could fit a lot (maybe all) of it in gallon sized bags, but I wanted to make multiple bags to have them last through the road trip there AND back, so I used three sandwich-sized bags.

The result? Ryan had fun with them! We mixed them together and made purple goo, we squished and poked and molded… a great sensory toy! And hey, keeping a kid occupied for 15 minutes? AWESOME.

~1 cup cornstarch
~1/2 cup sugar
~4 cups cold water
~food coloring
~plastic baggies
~duct tape (to keep the bags closed, if you want)

1. Combine the cornstarch, sugar, and water over medium heat in a saucepan. Stir continuously.
2. When it starts to thicken, remove from heat and stir another minute or two until it’s like pudding.
3. Let it cool for 3o minutes.
4. Separate the goo into bowls (however many colors you want to use).
5. Add food coloring and stir together.
6. Scoop into your plastic bags and seal bags with tape (if you don’t want your kids to open the bags).

9 comments to Homemade playdough goo tutorial

  • Linda Trinklein

    Fun! Thanks for the idea!


  • Carrie Phelps

    Great idea! I’m always looking for fun things to make with my grandchildren. Thanks


  • This looks like really fun and enjoyable. Doing this with my babies( I still call them babies even though they 3-4 yrs old now) will be a great bonding for us. Thumbs up for the idea! 🙂


  • amy

    Good idea. I tried this but my daughter ate some. It’s edible right?


    Emily Dickey Reply:

    It’s safe 🙂 I mean, you wouldn’t want a child to eat a lot of it, haha, but if they stuck it in their mouth and had a taste it’ll be okay. Hope she had fun!


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