My son the dinosaur!

I’m way too late with posting these pictures, but I just finally uploaded them from my camera. Ryan kind of had two Halloween costumes–the Carter’s skeleton pajamas (because me and Steve were skeletons and I wanted Ryan to match) and a dinosaur! Ryan likes to ROAAAR so I had to get a costume that roared 😉 and it was cute and nice and warm for trick-or-treating.

The week before Halloween we also went to a local trick-or-treating thing at Midway Village. Ryan had the most fun of the day going in and out of this door with the streamers, haha.

andddd this was his face most of the rest of the time, lol. He was a little overwhelmed by the massive crowd of people.

Ryan was collecting so much candy from all the different buildings, he finally insisted we stop so he could eat some! I don’t blame him 😉

Making Halloween cookies with grandma and mommy! Ryan spread the flour, rolled out the dough, used the pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter, and put them on the baking sheet. He’s a pro! Oh, and then he ate the finished cookies, too–best part!

trick-or-treat, let me in!!!

Ryan was so funny while he was trick-or-treating. He had to get the candy from the bowl himself and if the homeowner started to grab it for him, Ryan would just reach for the bowl and stick his hand in, haha. He usually took two pieces of candy from each house and afterwards he’d just stand there and STARE at the person in the house. He’d wave bye, but just stand there. Everyone was amused by it, many thought he was waiting for more candy. We made it around the block, but Ryan did NOT want to walk anywhere and he insisted Grandma carry him–so we got tired pretty fast, lol.

I have pictures from pumpkin-carving, too, that I’ll just save for another post 🙂 Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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