Ryan’s first pumpkin carving

During the week before Thanksgiving, Ryan and I carved a pumpkin–on the day he turned 22-months-old, actually! (Oct 27).  We didn’t carve pumpkins last year, which disappointed me, so we had to this year, especially now that Ryan is old enough to help!

yay, let’s get started!

Ryan is really funny about being messy–he HATES it. If he gets one tiny piece of anything on his hands, you’ll know about it. I did the cutting (obviously) and Ryan insisted I do the scraping and grabbing of pumpkin guts, but he enjoyed taking the spoon and dumping the guts in the trash. We had a nice little assembly line of work 🙂


Ryan was so proud of his pumpkin! He advised me what shapes to use for the eyes and nose and how many teeth to have. He wanted a happy face too, instead of a scary one. My favorite kind of pumpkin!

“eeeee! look at my pumpkins!!!!”

Did you carve pumpkins this year? Paste a link of pics in a comment below so I can check them out! I love Halloween and pumpkins 🙂

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