Thanks, Nutrisystem! Guest post by Emily’s Mom

**Welcome my mom to my blog! She’s reviewing Nutrisystem to help her meet her weight loss goals. Every week she’ll be guest posting on my blog with her progress and how she likes the program. I hope you follow her journey and show her some encouragement!**

I am so excited! I am lucky enough to try out the Nutrisystem program for 4 WHOLE MONTHS! Obviously Emily does not need to lose weight because she has always been slim and trim and, of course, now she is pregnant. So, yes… her mother needs to lose a good 20 pounds! OK – I would be happy with 10! I have heard that others have been very successful with this program.  Just think!  Four months of food!!! Do I even have to cook? Oh ya… my husband. What will HE eat??? Oh well!

My huge package of frozen food came the day after Thanksgiving! What timing!! However, I haven’t started it yet.  I believe there is another box coming so I must wait for that, thank goodness, because I haven’t had time to thoroughly read through the program. I figure I’ll start sometime next week. I’m already worried about the Christmas holiday time and all the yummy cookies I make every year. How will I get through that? Part of me thinks I should make my favorite kind tomorrow before I start!

I’ll be posting each week after I begin to let the world know how wonderfully I am doing. I know this is going to be tough, but I think having the food here is half the battle. I am always trying to figure out something healthy to make for dinner and I don’t do so well. When you were raised with the traditional meat, potatoes, and vegetables it’s pretty hard to switch to salad and green beans or whatever. I am a very picky eater so that doesn’t help!  (Sorry Emily – I passed that trait on to her!)

Stay posted for the big debut of the new healthy eating for Grandma D, mom to Emily and granny to adorable Ryan. : )

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~disclosure: I received product from Nutrisystem for my review, but was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.


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