Pregnancy: week 29

I don’t know if this baby is head down, but I hope so! Maybe my midwife can tell at our next appointment (this week), but I know she still has plenty of time to turn!

Baby Girl is 2.5 pounds and just over 15 inches long. Her brain is growing, muscles are maturing, bones are hardening… she’s taking a lot out of me right now (literally) and I should probably be eating better!

compare to my week 29 pregnancy pic from last time!

Exhausted. That’s about it… overall, I’m doing just fine and dandy. I think I’m pretty lucky as far as pregnancy symptoms go. Yea, things are starting to become difficult–my belly is always in the way, it’s uncomfortable and sometimes hard to get up… don’t even ask me to get up if I’ve just sat on the floor! The decision to sit all the way on the floor (yea, wayyyyyyyy down there) means I plan on staying there for awhile, haha.

I was checking out at Michaels the other day and Ryan was insisting on being held. SO – Ryan in one arm, emptying the cart onto the checkout counter with the other hand. I dropped something – GAH! Okay, standing back up from a squat is obviously more difficult while pregnant, but add a 25 pound child to my arms? I’m starting to sweat. Then, the cashier lady dropped something off the edge of the counter. “Oooops, sorry!” GAH! “Oh, no, it’s okay… let me just…. squat…. and…. I…. ughhhh…. got…. it!”

You know who’s AWESOME? The employees at Hilander grocery store. They see me coming with a cart full of stuff, a preggo belly, and a toddler and almost every time someone from another aisle (or the bag boy) comes around to unload my cart for me. Amazing.

Weight: 129.2 lb – same as last week and up ~22 lb total
Symptoms: restless leg, headaches, sore hips at night, some heartburn, fatigue
Looking forward to:  hair appt (Tuesday), midwife appt (sometime this week)

our adorable baby big boy


3 comments to Pregnancy: week 29

  • Heather

    Thanks for your up-dates. I’m at week 20 and feel better following your notes…preparing myself for the days ahead.


  • Sonya Morris

    It only gets better the last 11 weeks, right?! While pregnant my last baby I was so tired that after being awake for 15 minutes, I felt as if I needed a nap! I was convinced I need a tank of oxygen and lots of caffeine to continue to the end!
    After I had her, we BOTH slept to noon for several weeks. The doctor said that was probably because I was breastfeeding around the clock and still healing from the c-section. Whatever the reason, i’m back to normal and would go through it over and over!


    Sonya Morris Reply:

    I should proof read BEFORE I click post comment! Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors you may notice, LOL!!


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