Pregnancy week 30: feeling anxious & crazy

**ooops, this was saved in my drafts over the weekend and I just realized it never published! so… a few days late…

Our baby girl is 15-16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds. She’s getting pretty close to how long she’ll be at birth (somewhere around 20 inches), so she’ll spend the next ~10 weeks mainly packing on some pounds!

She is moving a TON. She’s starting to get up in my rib cage, but at the same time is reallllly low… and punching both sides of my belly, at the same time, haha. She’s all over the place! Glad she’s making herself nice and comfy, but ughhh, sometimes it truly hurts.

I saw our midwife on Tuesday and she had trouble figuring out what position the baby is in, but thinks she’s transverse (horizontal, like the image above). But even while we were feeling around, those discerning “hard areas” (that would be a head or butt) were moving. So she clearly still has plenty of space! And plenty of time to move head down. No worries yet, but you bet your butt I came home and did some yoga.

compare to week 30 from my last pregnancy!

Two things made me panic this week. 1) Ummmm, I’m 30 weeks. We’re counting down the last 10 weeks here, people. 2) My midwife made a comment that I’m running out of time. She didn’t mean anything bad by it–I can’t even remember what it was in reference to–but it reminded me that…. WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

I had a few panicky meltdowns this past week as a result. Let’s blame those hormone changes again, too. And let’s apologize to Steve for me being crazy. <3

I think I’ve been fine this whole pregnancy because February was so far away… almost like, it wasn’t really happening. Or that I had plenty of time to come to terms with another birth or another “failed birth” and another possible c-section.

But now? I feel like February is around the corner. “You’re running out of time.”

I better address these fears and this anxiety NOW.

Accomplishments that are helping:
~We hired a doula! And she specializes in prenatal massage so we scheduled four of them between now and the birth.
~We signed up for a natural childbirth class!! We go on Monday! I’m excited. With Ryan, we took the hospital childbirth class, which we all know was a joke and a waste of time. This class is an hour away (closest I could find!) and goes to the end of January.
~Found a photographer for maternity/family photos to take in January.
~I also found a chiropractor in the area that has experience with pregnant women so I’m calling them tomorrow to set up an appointment.
~Doing prenatal yoga.

Stats from my midwife appt this past Tuesday:

Weight: 131 lb (up 2 lb from last week and 24 lb overall)
Blood pressure: 114/68
Baby’s heart: 158 bpm
Hemoglobin: tested by finger prick by my midwife–levels are low (10 grams) 🙁 Need more iron! Adding supplements and trying to eat more greens/meat. If you aren’t familiar–hemoglobin is the main component of your red blood cells and they carry oxygen through your blood. The worry would be losing too much blood at birth and fainting and/or needing to be transported to the hospital, etc. We’ll test again in about a month to see if I’m doing better.
Fundal height: 27cm ( a little small)
Symptoms: holy tailbone pain. I didn’t have this with Ryan, but it hurts to sit, it hurts to walk, it hurts to stand. Haha. Lovely!
Love: Ryan kissing my belly and saying hi to his sister 🙂

Still on my to-do list:
~Hypnobabies (I lost some of the CDs during the move and can’t find then anywhere)
~Paint the baby’s room (light gray) and her dresser (white)
~Regularly practice relaxation techniques

5 comments to Pregnancy week 30: feeling anxious & crazy

  • stacy h

    get out that pregnancy affirmations cd… helped me tons! along with fear clearing and special place! my iron was an issue, too. had to take ferrous sulfate cause nothing else worked.


    babydickey Reply:

    In our move to the new house, I seemed to have lost 5 of the Hypnobabies CDs and the affirmations CD is one of them 🙁 They want $85 to replace them and that’s just crazy! I’m searching for used ones, but in the meantime I did download an iphone app last night that has pregnancy affirmations!


  • Heather

    Thanks for up-dating. Based on what you said, I think I’ll look for a prenatal class outside of the hospital.


    babydickey Reply:

    Maybe some hospital classes are okay…. but I would definitely suggest to anyone to find an independent class. Hospital classes will condition you to interventions being a normal part of the process, etc, whereas an independent class can help give you some “warnings” of what to expect.


  • Awww yay! You’re moving right along & how awesome you’ll have one of each. I think it’s the best to have at least one of each sex!


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