Pregnancy: week 31

*9 weeks left*

She’s getting chunky! 16 inches long and about 3.3 pounds. She is moving alllllll the time. I think she sleeps for most of the day and usually wakes up and starts kicking around 6-7pm? And then, yes, she kicks and moves all night long. I hope her sleeping schedule reverses in the next 2 months, haha. And some of her kicks and punches (and elbows and feet) really hurt!

I read that right now is prime-time for pregnancy colds because of the toll this is all taking on my body and immune system. That would explain why I’m back to blowing my nose all day long, coughing, and being sick to my stomach (Friday). I thought morning sickness was odd this late in the game! But I’m glad to have an explanation for it now.

compare to week 31 from my last pregnancy!

Apart from feeling sick and puking on Friday, not much new this week. Same old baby kicks, heartburn, belly aches…

I ordered the VBAC Hypnobabies CD and it arrived just the other day so I’m excited to start that. Steve and I are working on “class 1” of the Hypnobabies home course… he read the first script to me the other night and was amazed at his ability to hypnotize me, haha. I think the point of him reading the scripts (rather than me just listening to the CDs only) is to have me learn how to relax to the sound of his voice. I’m hoping it also gives him some guidance on what to do during labor… what to say, etc. In the heat of the moment during Ryan’s labor, I think we both froze up and didn’t know what to do or how to handle the pain. That can’t happen this time!

Our first natural childbirth class was last week… there are 2 other couples in it and they’re both first-timers and they both have OBs for hospital births. I think they’re excited to have me join them (we missed the first 2 classes) because I have a different perspective and lots of experience. We didn’t learn much (yet), but were given some exercises and techniques to practice. I was telling Steve that at the bare minimum, this class is giving me confidence. Even if we don’t learn a ton, it’s helping me psychologically… to reinforce our decision for an HBAC and put my mind at ease. The last thing I want going into this birth is fear.

Weight: 135 lb (up 4 lb from last week?! who knows, yesterday I weighed 131, same as last week, lol. So up about ~25-28lb overall)
Symptoms: cold symptoms, heartburn
Looking forward to: the next childbirth class (Monday night), a meeting with our doula (Wednesday night), getting baby girl’s room painted!

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