Pregnancy: week 33

*7 weeks left*

It’s 2012! It’s the year of the baby!!! I can no longer say, “ah, the baby isn’t coming till next year.” And yea, that’s a little bit scary!

Baby girl weighs just over 4 pounds (think: pineapple) and is 17 inches long from head to toe. She’s losing her wrinkly old-lady-looking skin and filling out with fat.

A lot of babies are head down at this point and I meet with our midwife this week so I hope she can tell baby girl’s position! But I don’t think she’s there yet… I feel like she’s still transverse (side-to-side). I always feel her hicupping on the far right side of my belly and I get lots of pointy jabs and movements over on the far left side. :/

compare to week 33 from the last pregnancy! about the same??

I’m sick of being sick–this pregnancy is really kicking my butt. Or maybe it’s the toddler. Or both. I swear I’ve basically spent the last 2 months feeling sick most of the time and now it’s back again. Steve AND Ryan have been sick the past few days so I woke up this morning with what they have (after getting over what I already had LAST WEEK, ugh)… tired, achy, stuffy, runny nose, cough..

And all you moms know–there is no being sick when you have a toddler.

Waddling: check.
Sleeping: not well.
Getting up: like a grandma. (The worst is when Ryan wants me to play on the floor with him. “Mommy’s down and she can’t get up!” lol) says: “Many women are still feeling sexy at this stage.” Ummmm, no.

I often misjudge how big I really am and still try to squeeze past a chair or through places I used to fit. The other day I locked myself (and Ryan) out of the house (in our pajamas) and you should have seen my fat belly trying to squeeze through a window opening above the kitchen sink, haha–desperate times call for desperate measures. Ryan cried “mama, unlock door!” the whole time–wish I could have!

Weight: 136 lb (same as last week, up about 29 lb total)
Midwife appt: Tuesday
Looking forward to: Ryan’s 2nd birthday party this coming weekend!

like my pajamas? 😉 whatever fits!!! this baby is low–most shirts are too short!

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