New Year time capsule for Ryan

I saw this idea originally in my Family Fun magazine. Then, as the New Year got closer, I saw it all over Pinterest. So you may have seen it already, but it’s just too cute not to share. I LOVE this idea.

(picture from Family Fun)

In the picture above, the idea was to have your child write a note to themselves to read in the future. Or–especially if your kids are younger, like mine!–you can create a survey or questionnaire and fill it out while asking them for answers, or let them fill it out if they can.

time capsule printable

The survey above (click for credit at Pinterest, as usual) is similar to what I did. I took a piece of colorful construction paper and made a list:

~favorite food
~favorite show
~favorite character
~favorite color
~favorite books
~favorites toys
~favorite activities

I’m sure that list will grow as Ryan gets older. Then on the back of the page I just wrote some stats and random info:

~clothes size
~nursing (yes/no)
~diapers (yes/no/size)
~developmental milestones

For that last one, we always call Ryan our little goofball… because he is. He’s a nut! So I wrote down some of his funny quirks and things that make us laugh. Like how he refers to himself as “you!” instead of “me,” is the “Ice Man” because he HAS to be the one to push the ice dispenser on the fridge whenever anyone needs ice, his cute little “oopsie daisy,” etc.

Some people open the time capsule at the same time the next year… I think I’d like to find a special container and add to it every year and not open and read them until Ryan is much older.

Do you do a tradition like this with your kids? When do you read the old ones or when do you plan on reading them???

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