life is too short for bad coffee.

Soooooo true. The post title and the picture above. I remember back in the day when I hated coffee and couldn’t understand why all those crazy adults lived on it all day long, it tasted like crap. Literally.

Then I entered grad school (yea, I made it all the way through college still hating coffee!) and probably would have died without coffee. I drank out of necessity. And then I fell in love and drank for fun. COFFEE, people. We’re still talking about coffee…..

I have my favorites. I still don’t drink black coffee (unless it’s an emergency). In the summer I like iced coffees, in the winter I like hot coffee. Even my 2-year-old knows exactly how to make a cup of coffee with our Keurig. For real.

I’ll admit that my coffee habit can get expensive. Once my husband totaled up my trips to a coffee shop one month and I gasped… how?!?! So I’m open to better (cheaper) alternatives.

Then…… THIS happened. The NEW International Delight Iced Coffee:

I was skeptical. First, I’m a super picky person. Second, it’s cold out…. that means I like my coffee hot. I went for all 3 flavors… you have to finish a carton within 7 days of opening it and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to… but, um, not a problem. All 3 were gone FAST.

Yes, that’d be two cups of this iced coffee in the car: one is mine, one is Steve’s.  We are both in love. First, it tastes amazing. Second, it’s a bargain and will save us lots of money on my coffee habit. Third, it’s soooo handy.

This stuff is ready to go right out of the carton, juts pour it over ice. And I thought my Keurig was fast 😉 When I’m in a hurry, but must have my coffee fix, this stuff is awesome to grab on the way out the door. But I drink it at home, too–in the morning with breakfast, as a yummy snack later in the day, or a pick-me-up at night. ((Don’t worry, I do limit my caffeine because I’m pregnant.))

Do I miss my hot coffee? Surprisingly, no. Once in awhile I’ll get a desire to have a cozy hot mug, but not as often as I thought.

TASTE: They’re all great. If I had to rank them, I’d say Original, Mocha, then Vanilla. But really, original and mocha are probably tied for first. The mocha is a bit sweeter and the original is just… perfect. I thought I’d hate the vanilla because I’m not a vanilla-flavor person, but there’s just a hint of it. You can taste it, but it’s not strong or overwhelming and is still very good–it’s my husband’s favorite.

Sooo, why is the “Mocha” flavor missing from the picture I took above? Because we opened that one first and seriously drank the whole thing before I thought to take a picture. Then we opened both of these (no longer worried about finishing them within 7 days, haha), and I got a picture just before we emptied them!

Pretty sure these will become a regular on our shopping list. You’ll be able to find them in the dairy section at Walmart on January 15th! CAN’T WAIT! <---can you tell I had some coffee today? ;)

~This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own. #CBias #IcedCoffee


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