Pregnancy: week 34

*6 weeks left!*

She’s just under 5 pounds (think: cantaloupe!) and is about 18 inches long from head to toe. She’s pretty much a BABY now and would do pretty well outside the womb at this point. But her nervous system and her lungs are continuing to develop so it’s best she stays put for the next 6 weeks!

GREAT NEWS! This baby girl is HEAD DOWN! My midwife confirmed it at my appointment last Tuesday and she showed me how to feel the head… so cool. I came home and had Steve feel the head. His reaction? “Oh my god, that’s a huge head! It’s bigger than I was expecting.” Haha. Lucky for me, those skull bones aren’t fused together yet so they’ll overlap during birth.

compare to week 34 from my last pregnancy! says fatigue is back, like during the first trimester. Uh, yea. It has been for a week or two–but maybe because I’ve been sick. STILL SICK.

I don’t think I ever had that thought “I’m soooo ready to not be pregnant anymore!” with Ryan. I loved all of it. This time? I’M SO READY TO BE DONE. Maybe because I have a constant cold and a toddler that’s constantly “on.”

I feel bigger this time, too. I think because the baby is lower – shirts are too short, it’s impossible to bend over, I’m waddling already… Oh, and I’m definitely bigger in the legs this time, I hate wearing pants. Add that to the too-short shirts… where’s my moo-moo?!

The start of 2012 made this so much more real to me! And then a comment on my last preggo post that the baby will be here “next month” – ahhh! NEXT MONTH?!

TO-DO (the clock is ticking!!!): paint the baby’s room, paint the baby’s dresser white, get cradle sheets, set up the Arms Reach co-sleeper… and some other things I want/need to buy (more cloth wipes, another wet bag or two, personalized anywhere chair for her monthly pics, newborn diapers in case we have issues with cloth right away, and a few more birth supplies…)

Weight: 137 lb (up 1 lb from last week, up about 30 pounds total <—that’s how much total I gained with Ryan!!!)
Looking forward to: ย another doula appointment & massage on the 14th and maternity/family photo session on the 15th!

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