Ryan's first REAL haircut

Ryan was a bald baby for quite some time. He finally started getting some fuzz and, eventually, HAIR! I remember taking pictures of his little wisps of hair, so excited it was finally there, haha.

I don’t think he had his first haircut until around 1 year of age. My mom did it and she’s the only one that has since then. She’s no professional, but Ryan’s little and his hair is so thin and fine (just like mommy and daddy!), there isn’t much of it. My mom always just trimmed it a bit so he wasn’t growing a “party in the back” or having it hang in his eyes.

About a week ago I took Ryan to my hair lady… his FIRST EVER REAL HAIRCUT by a professional! Mama was sooooo nervous.


It doesn’t look too bad, right? Maybe a little choppy, maybe iffy around the ears, but he’s still cute! And this was the hair style I was used to looking at for the past year. It was my “normal” and it was my baby boy!

So when my hair lady suggested a short “big boy” hair cut, I freaked. We were having family photos taken in a couple days, too, so what if it looked bad?! I know hair grows back, but I wanted Ryan to look like RYAN in our family photos, not like….. a big boy! lol.

Do you SEE my fist?! Nervous mama!!! And look at Ryan’s shaggy hair! lol.

We put Ryan in the chair, but he got nervous, so he ended up sitting on my lap for the haircut. But he was AWESOME. He didn’t cry, he didn’t fuss, he didn’t move. The hairdresser even pulled out the electronic razor and Ryan didn’t even flinch. I think he kinda liked the way it felt 🙂

We couldn’t, however, get the cape on him so he ended up covered in hair, haha.

Haha… the picture above was the first time I got to see how his haircut was going in the mirror–ooooo! Mama likes! Anddd post-haircut:

Aww, isn’t he cute?! He got a cookie (or 3) for surviving his first real haircut. I think *I* needed those cookies 🙂 And yea, he walked around with no shoes like he owned the place.

He definitely looks like a big boy with his haircut, but WOW did he need it! I loved his hair before (of course), but this looks so much better. WE SURVIVED 🙂 Is it a little ridiculous how many pictures I took? Or how long this post is documenting the occasion? I also have a “first haircut” postcard with a lock of his hair 😉


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