The name of our baby girl is…

I took this video of Ryan around Thanksgiving and kept forgetting to upload and post it. A lot of people have been asking recently what in the world we’re naming our baby girl so I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve said the name a few times on my personal facebook page and maybe even on Pinterest tags, etc, but haven’t announced it here yet….

And since Ryan is such a proud big brother, I thought I’d let him share the news 🙂 He knows her name well (although he can’t really say the whole thing).

When I took this video, he had just gotten up from a nap and he was a little… cranky. Normally, he’ll say her name, say he’s her big brother, kiss my belly and say hi to her… but he wasn’t having any of it for this video, of course. And he thought I was taking pictures of him so he kept saying, “cheeeeese!” Adorable… but he does finally say her name!

Did you catch it???

Like I said, he has trouble saying the whole thing….

In the video, Ryan says……. “Becca!”

Her name is…. Rebecca Kadlin!

We plan on calling her Rebecca (not Becca or Becky). Emily (my name) is my mom’s middle name…. and MY middle name is Rebecca… so I’m kind of following that “tradition.” I’ve always loved the name.

As for her middle name, we pretty much just decided on it like two weeks ago. We had some ideas (Kate, Malli, Alexandra…) and finally discovered Kadlin. “Kate” is the name of Steve’s mom and runs in their family so we were leaning toward that. We’re both Norwegian and while I was searching a Norwegian name site one day, I saw Kadlin and learned that it’s the Norwegian form of Kate/Katherine. PERFECT! A family name and part of our heritage. And if Rebecca has a daughter some day and decides to carry on the tradition of using her middle name, she has a lot of options: Kadlin, Kate, Katherine, Kaitlin…

Oh, and we pronounce it with a long “a” sound, like “cade-lin.”

So there you have it! 🙂

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