Pregnancy week 38: labor watch

*2 weeks to go!*

This baby girl is making fists and my bladder is the punching bag. Oh, and my diaphragm. My ribs. My stomach. Pretty much everything.

She’s about 6.5 lbs and 19.5 inches long.

She’s still head down, but she has rotated. Remember I said she was on the left of my body and she needed to be on the right side, optimally? She tried. When I saw our midwife last Wednesday, baby girl wasn’t quite to the left side, leaving her…. half posterior? And her head kinda crooked, to the side.

My midwife gave me a book on optimal fetal positioning and I’ve been checking out spinning babies… we don’t want a posterior baby!!! So I’ve been spending lots of time leaning forward, sleeping on my belly in a nest of pillows, crawling on my hands and knees…

compare to my week 38 picture from the last pregnancy!

I’m just hanging in there! Ryan was 9 days late when I finally went into labor, so I always figured this babe would go late, too. But with the way I’ve been feeling lately? I feel like she could come any time and that is going to make the next 2 weeks nearly unbearable, lol.

Last night, starting at about 7:30pm, I was having consistent contractions every 6-7 minutes until I went to bed around 10:30pm. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions forEVER, but they’ve never been consistent and they’ve always been at the top of my uterus–these were at my mid/lower uterus/back.

I slept terribly–the contractions continued all night. I’m not sure if they were consistent because I was trying to sleep and wasn’t watching a clock at all, but the strength of them woke me up many times.

At 6am, Steve was getting ready to leave for Indiana on a business trip. I was having contractions every 6 minutes… but I told him to go anyway. I mean, I wanted to be in denial–this can’t be real yet, right?–and even if it was, things progressed soooo slowly with Ryan, I figure they’ll be similar.

Steve got 5 minutes down the road when he decided to stop and come back, haha. He went to work at the office instead–30 minutes away, instead of 3.5 hours away 🙂

And wouldn’t ya know – the contractions have pretty much stopped. I bet if he had gone to Indiana, I’d be in labor right now, lol.

Weight: 140 lb (same as last week, up 33 lb total)
Blood pressure: 112/52
DONE!: washed all crib/cradle/bassinet sheets, washed all clothes size newborn up to 3 months, organized her dresser and armoire, got her cloth diapers ready to go (& newborn disposables just in case)
To-do: set up the co-sleeper, hang up stuff on Rebecca’s wall, put Ryan’s swing back together, clean out the extra bedroom
Looking forward to: A BABY! (meeting with our midwife Tuesday afternoon and our doula Tuesday night)


Ryan is testing out the baby's crib for her!

(wearing the Poppy colored Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra from Bravado!)

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