Getting crafty: homemade crib sheets and baby gowns

Awhile ago I was complaining on my facebook page that really cute crib sheets were either impossible to find or cost a lot of money (like custom ones on etsy). Someone suggested I make my own. HA! Okay, I have a sewing machine and I’m not too bad at sewing, but I’ve really only ever made baby gowns and shirts–with a pattern.

This awesome facebook fan directed me to a crib and toddler bed sheets tutorial on the Dana Made It blog. It looked way too easy and I figured I could totally give it a try… thanks, Dana! I did do things a little bit differently–mainly because I’m lazy, so I made it even easier–pictures and tutorial on that coming soon. Until then… check it out:

When I was pregnant with Ryan, I bought a pattern for baby gowns and shirts. I mainly used old adult-sized t-shirts and sewed them into baby clothes… our old college shirts, band tour tees, etc. Was soooo fun and cute! I of course haven’t made any since he was born because the nesting thing was gone and…. yea.

But now the nesting is back and I bought some fabric to make baby gowns for baby Rebecca. With matching hats 🙂

I’ll post more information on making these gowns, too. Lots of people on facebook asked! I used an actual pattern for these, but I’m sure if can be found online for free… I’ll look around and get back to you with details 🙂 I promise they aren’t that hard to make. I had never sewn before and started out with these. Some trial and error, but overall pretty easy.

AND I just realized that the pattern kit I bought 2 years ago includes a pattern for DIAPER COVERS! We already use super cute cloth diapers, but most are blue. Of course Rebecca can wear blue (Ryan wears pink!), but I can totally make some cute flowery and girly covers to use once in awhile! My next project…

Have you made any DIY baby clothes or items?? Suggestions on things I should try?? Maybe cloth wipes, those have to be easy! Hm…

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