happy due date to me! pregnancy: week 40

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Well, it appears that babycenter.com automatically moves you over from the weekly pregnancy information to the newborn information when you hit your due date. Ummm… still pregnant over here, thankyouverymuch.

Ya know, I hated saying what my due date was. When people asked, I always said “mid-February.” Why? Because due dates are stupid. They’re guesses. Less than 10% of women actually give birth on their due date and the date can be off by about 2 weeks in either direction.

And now that I’m 40 weeks and still pregnant? It’s my due date, BABY WHERE ARE YOU?! lol.

But seriously.

Ryan was 9 days late, but when the consistent and uncomfortable contractions started, they never stopped. Sure it was loooong and slow–we stayed at home with those contractions for over 24 hours before heading to the hospital… but they never stopped.

This time? I’ve had those consistent and uncomfortably strong contractions twice now–meaning they’ve lasted for hours and hours (all night long), but then they just stop. It’s not only physically exhausting, it’s mentally exhausting. I get myself all psyched up for it and then… nothing.

I know, I know, I knowwww, baby will come when she’s good and ready. I know. But that thought doesn’t help this prodromal labor.

compare to week 40 from my last pregnancy!

On Wednesday I think I lost some of my mucus plug. I had those consistent contractions allllll night that night and was SURE baby was coming soon–some contractions in the middle of the night were spreading across my back. Nope. But the good part about that? Steve went crazy cleaning the house… I mean, he did an awesome job. Does nesting happen to dads? lol.

So, okay, I should be enjoying my last days with only one child and I should be doing things I enjoy, taking my mind off waiting for labor, yada yada blah blah. I’m tired and I’m cranky.

According to the poll I posted last week, ~13% of you are already wrong… she’s not coming early, lol. 30% of you guessed today or tomorrow (“on time”)–let’s hope!!! 51% of you voted for next week (“late”) and an evil ~6% of you voted for the following week lol (which would have been when Ryan came).

Answers to your questions:
Yes, I’m still pregnant.
No, the baby isn’t here yet.
How do you think I’m feeling?
No, I won’t be induced.
I have no idea when the baby is coming.

I met with the midwife on Tuesday…
weight: 145 lb (up 2 lb from last week and up about 38 lb total)
blood pressure: 122/70 (on the high end for me…)
baby’s heart: 152 bpm (I think)
baby’s position: ROA (right occiput anterior)–that’s good!
looking forward to: A BABY


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