pregnancy symptoms: the GOOD ones

I was going through really old posts–back to my very first post ever from when we found out we were pregnant with Ryan. While I searching and reminiscing, I found a post I had written about “10 icky symptoms,” haha. Here they are:

1. Discharge
2. Gas and bloating
3. Bleeding gums
4. Constipation
5. Excessive salivation
6. Hemorrhoids
7. Itchy skin
8. Nosebleeds
9. Swollen extremities (edema)
10. Yeast infections

I’ll just say right now that I’m pretty lucky and never had most of those during either pregnancy. Honestly, I really think only number 7 applies. Number 9 maybe a little bit… I have taken off my rings and wear them on a necklace.

So what a terrible list to show a new pregnant mom, right?! I’m sure some preggos experience more of those than I did, maybe some experience them all (so sorry!), but I thought…. why not focus on some of the BETTER pregnancy symptoms?! Things you can look forward to instead 🙂 So here’s my new “it’s all rainbows and glitter” pregnancy symptoms list:

1. glowing skin: ya know, once we get past itchy skin and possible breakouts… you’re just going to be beautiful! 😉

2. stronger nails

3. baby kicks: what could be better?! you created a miracle.

4. enjoying food: once morning sickness passes, food tastes great AND you’ve got an awesome excuse to pig out once in awhile

5. no more periods! 40 weeks of freeeeeeeedom! (at least! if you’re nursing, you’ll likely get many more months off)


haha 😉

6. bigger boobs. yep.

7. thicker and faster growing hair: my hair is fine and thin so this was a big perk for me

8. shopping: an awesome excuse to buy super cute baby things


9. naps: ignore the pessimists and their symptoms of fatigue–you get to take NAPS!

10. comfy clothes: maternity clothes can be a pain, but when else do you have an excuse to go everywhere in yoga pants? because now you do. Shirts that say “I’m hungry” are now acceptable, too.

Now that makes ya feel a little better, right? lol. And not everything has to end with pregnancy either. If you’re breastfeeding, you can still enjoy food (you need more calories to produce that milk!), bigger boobs, and keep that period away. Oh and the shopping never ends. Naps are still nice. And yoga pants are a mom’s best friend.

Maybe there are no more baby kicks in utero, but now you have a drooling, smiling little face to coo at and it’s even better.

Do you have any to add to the list??? I asked some friends and also got: people are nicer when you’re pregnant (opening doors, offering their seats, etc.), excuses to get massages and pedicures, getting better parking spots at certain stores, a big belly to rest your plate/cup on….. have any to add?!

3 comments to pregnancy symptoms: the GOOD ones

  • I’m 37 weeks pregnant and read a lot about all symptoms and things that you can go through while pregnant, thankfully like you, didn’t experience any of them, well now with 3 weeks to go, i must admit my feet are swollen but dr. says it’s normal, no other symptom (knock on wood). I love your “it’s all rainbows and glitter list” though! Puts such a great positive spin on pregnancy and gives women the hope that not all symptoms of pregnancy are icky! I specially loved the baby kicking (it’s something sooo special) and the no more periods! yay! 🙂


  • Danielle

    Those are all great positives to pregnancy! And the best part is you have a child in your belly!


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