Rebecca: our one month old baby girl

One month?!?! Seriously. Where does time go?

Dear baby girl,

Wow, you’re already one month old. We’ve already created so many wonderful memories with you! You’ve been on a marathon shopping trip, playing at the park with your big brother, out to eat a few times, running errands with mommy, to the doctor’s office, and even had your own party!

You’re a little angel, baby girl. You spent the first week or two sleeping a lot. You’re awake much more often now, but still a great sleeper. I’d say you sleep anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time and then you spend a couple of hours awake. Around your third week, you seemed to have a fussy streak every single night from ~8-10pm, but it really only lasted about a week. We’re co-sleeping and you wake up 3-4 times a night to nurse.

You’re an excellent nurser and you were from the start. Maybe because I’m a pro by now and Ryan was still nursing a couple times a day when you were born. Last weekend I went to a movie with my girlfriends (Hunger Games)–it was my first time away from you!–so I pumped some milk (7 oz in one sitting, whooo!) and you took your very first bottle (from Grandma) like a champ.

Unfortunately you haven’t been in cloth diapers yet. We tried when you were born, but we had leaking issues and honestly haven’t had the time to figure it out yet. I know it can be done though and that’s my goal this month! We just switched from newborn sized diapers to size 1 and told ourselves we would not buy any more!

5 days old

You’re a chunk! Okay, not really, but you’ve definitely filled out and have a nice little belly 🙂 You were 7 lb 6 oz when you were born… you weighed 7 lb 3 oz at the doctor’s office when you were 4 days old… just over 8 lb when we saw the midwife the next week… and now you’re almost 10 lb! We see the doctor tomorrow for your 1-month check up so I’ll get a more official number 🙂

EDIT: from the doctor’s office:
~weight: 9 lb 11 oz (7lb 6oz at birth)
~height: 22 3/4″ (21″ at birth)
~head size: 14.5″ (13.5″ at birth)
~doctor was impressed with your growth! yay breastmilk 😉

I think you wore newborn sized clothes for the first 3 weeks! Size 0-3 is a pretty perfect fit right now, but you’re wearing mainly size 3 months–because it’s all so cute and I couldn’t wait to put it on you! but it is still a little big.

~3 weeks old - Florence Eiseman outfit size 3 mo

Ohhh, your big brother loves you so much! He gets excited to see you (“Good morning, Rebecca!”) and is always “patting” you, giving you kisses, and asking to hold you. He even attempts to feed you and says, “Don’t cry, Rebecca, I’m here!” It’s adorable. One morning he ran in to give you a hug and he said, “I love my sister!” and today he said, “Rebecca, you’re so lucky to have me!” He likes to read his books to you and sing “Rock a Bye Baby” when you cry.

Your daddy likes to carry you around the house and even wears you in a carrier once in a while! He loves to play music for you and he already has a favorite song picked out–“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. He calls you his princess… or little miss piggy, haha, because when you get hungry, you “oink” at daddy.

I love your adorable little face. I love that you stop crying as soon as mommy picks you up. I love you and your big brother together. I love when you fall asleep on my chest. I love watching daddy sing to you.

Rebecca, we love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times,
<3 mommy, daddy, and ryan

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