getting ready for Easter!

We had a lot of traditions surrounding the Easter holiday when I was growing up. I have such great memories of Easter morning, hunting for candy with my brother, digging through our Easter baskets, and collecting a new stuffed animal each year. They are traditions I want to carry on with my own kids and this is our first Easter with TWO children! WHOOO! Every “first” holiday is just so exciting 🙂

Thanks to the Kmart circular, I saw they were having a big Easter sale… baskets were 50% off, candy was on sale, and… to carry on one of the traditions… all plush animals were 25% off! The sale ended on March 31st so I ran out the next day (which was the 31st!) and was able to save a LOT of money on my two Easter baskets:

I also used Kmart’s Shop Your Way Rewards program. I looked it up before my shopping trip and saw that–in addition to Easter stuff being on sale–all Easter items were worth double points! I’m so glad I checked the Kmart circular (which you can also find online if you don’t get your local newspaper) and the Shop Your Way Rewards (find them on twitter, too!)

OMGosh, Kmart was FILLED with Easter stuff. I kept thinking I was in the “Easter section” but then I’d continue wandering through the store and I’d find another aisle dedicated to Easter items. Candy EVERYWHERE! Needless to say… I bought a LOT of candy. I kept seeing different kinds and thinking, “I remember having that for Easter when I was a kid! I must buy it!” Haha.

Of course Rebecca can’t eat candy and I don’t want Ryan’s teeth to fall out… so I searched for some toys and things, too. Ryan got a mini kite (so cute!), some bubbles, chalk, a stuffed animal (tradition!), and one of my best finds–Elmo shaped “eggs!”

For Rebecca, I got some spring colored hair bows, little bunny slippers, a stuffed animal, and a rattle toy. Both kids got bunny ears to wear…Ryan’s are blue and Rebecca’s are pink. I CAN’T WAIT to put those on and take some pictures! I had some things previously purchased that I added to their baskets, too–like the personalized placemats you can see in the picture below.

I’m so excited about the adorable matching Easter baskets I found–and at 50% off, too! I plan on saving these and using them each year. It always feels good to save money and I think that by shopping at Kmart and checking their ads ahead of time, we saved a lot and it allowed us to buy some extra special things for the kids. I totally would have missed this big sale too if I hadn’t checked their online circular!

All our eggs, filled with candy and ready to be hidden by the Easter Bunny! I feel so prepared, haha. Easter is still two days away and we’ve had the baskets and eggs done for almost a week! Steve helped and he’s so excited to hide these eggs for Ryan. I mean………. to help the EASTER BUNNY hide these eggs 😉

You can find Kmart on twitter and facebook, too! You can see everything I found at Kmart by browsing my google+ story!

Do you have Easter traditions?

~This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #KmartEaster

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