Happy Easter 2012

Ohhh how I adore holidays with children 🙂 You remember how fun they were when you were a kid, right? Well it’s like being a kid all over again when you have your own. I love watching how excited Ryan gets! And it’s pretty fun helping the Easter Bunny 😉

Of course the Easter Bunny came on Saturday night and hid eggs all over the house, starting with a trail outside of Ryan’s bedroom that he saw as soon as he woke up! I don’t know if he was more excited about the big Elmo basket or the “choc-ey!”

Then Ryan was sitting at the kitchen table inspecting his Easter basket of goodies when he looked to the left and yelled “THERE’S SOME MORE OUTSIDE!” Sure enough, the Easter Bunny hid some eggs on our deck, too!

Rebecca was in on the festivities, too! She had her own bunny ears, a cute “somebunny loves me” outfit, and an Easter basket–with bunny slippers to complete her outfit!

After breakfast, we were off to Easter #2… at Steve’s parents’ house. We enjoyed mimosas and brunch and Ryan had another egg hunt in the front yard. In the picture below, he had just tried to get that pile of eggs under the pine tree. After being discouraged by the low branches poking at him, he backed away from the tree and told his uncle, “YOU get them!” as he walked away. Hahaha.

We had an “adult egg hunt,” too, haha. It was fun! Steve got pretty into it and we fought over some eggs; he tackled me in the grass. I won. We got some candy, some shooters, lottery tickets… we won $15! 🙂

THEN off to Easter number THREE at my parents’ house! Ryan found candy alllllllll over their house! The Easter Bunny was nice to him this year, haha. I was exhausted by this point and ended up passing out on my mom’s couch around 4pm??? And slept for a few hours before driving back home–thanks for the break, mom!

Rebecca in her beautiful Easter dress!

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