My house: the wreck of the hesperus

Have you ever heard that saying? It was my grandpa, I think, that used to say that… when the house was a mess. “Looks like the wreck of the Hesperus in here!” Probably said quite often about my bedroom when I was little 🙂 “The Wreck of the Hesperus,” by the way, is a Longfellow poem.

Steve was out of town again the first half of this week–another business trip. I had grand plans to get things done around the house (trading out my winter clothes for summer clothes, cleaning up Rebecca’s bedroom, etc.) Did ANY of that get done? No. I’m lucky I did one load of laundry and emptied the dishwasher… ya know, right before Steve got home so it appeared that I did something.

Want to know HOW the house of a stay-at-home-mom gets like this?? Read an AWESOME “day in the life” play-by-play like this one, haha.

In a moment of stress and exhaustion, I decided to laugh at the mess around me and I took pictures. Just for you. I hope you laugh, too. Or judge me, that’s fine too.

Remnants of lunch time. Yes, I let Ryan eat in the family room. While watching Thomas on TV. And yes, that’s a cheeseburger from McDonald’s–that I actually bought the day before and he didn’t eat so I saved it and tried again. Those Cheetos were my lunch.

Piles of {clean} laundry. They were on the couch when Steve left… they were on the couch when Steve got home. And you see how they’re kind of sorted? Steve did that, not me.

Okay, so this picture doesn’t look that messy. But when taken in with the rest of this room, the toys scattered around were bugging me.

Kitchen table–clearly not used for family dinners. Piled with crap and more crap. Products I have to review on the blog, Ryan’s toys, food, books, mail…. and then there’s the kitchen counters…

Okay, now looking at these photos they don’t seem so bad. But those dishes in the picture above had been sitting there for days. And what you can’t see is that the sinks are almost full. The white paper towel dispenser under the cabinet on the right? Ryan soon had that thing emptied and sheets of paper towels were strewn about all over the place.

Ohhh, Rebecca’s beautiful room. She doesn’t sleep in her crib, we NEVER use her bedroom. That’s because she sleeps in our bed and we use our co-sleeper as a changing table. So her room has become… a mess. Her laundry gets done and instead of being put away, it gets piled up all over the place, like her crib…

…and her changing table. Oh my. That’s all clean clothes. Some of it probably doesn’t even fit her anymore. And wait, there’s more…

The other half of her room. MORE clothes piled in her cradle and on top of her bookcase cubes. And you can see her closet, still full of clothes. I wonder if maybe this girly girl has too much clothes?! lol. I am SERIOUSLY planning on cleaning her room this weekend. Really. Promise. Maybe.

Our extra bedroom. This bed was made at some point–and even used! My birth team used it to rest during my labor. I think the sheets were then taken off to be washed (whoo!), but then…. never put back on, haha. And now it’s storage for crap! We’re still unpacking, okay?!

This is the master bedroom. That would be our bed. So embarrassing. That plastic on it? Was from the birth… we put it under our sheets to protect the new mattress. Since I didn’t birth there and nothing got dirty, we left the plastic on because any breastfeeding mom knows how much leaking there is in the middle of the night at the beginning… Then, Rebecca pooped on the bed last week so our sheets got taken off to be washed. Andddd didn’t get put back on. Yet. (Yes, I do mean there is STILL no sheet on our bed lolol. Sleeping on plastic isn’t that bad.) I know you’re judging me.

So I took all these pictures while my children were sleeping–yea, both at the same time! Why wasn’t I CLEANING? What in the world was I doing instead?!

I was relaxing. I was catching up on my TV shows… mmmm, David Boreanaz.

I DID clean some before Steve got home lol… the kitchen is clean, the kitchen table is clear, the laundry is gone from the couch (although just moved to respective bedrooms and not put away…), Ryan’s room is clean…. and that’s about it. I didn’t even show you a picture of MY closet, yikes.

How’s your house look? Care to share pictures? 😉

14 comments to My house: the wreck of the hesperus

  • Congrats! I think I’ve found my twin sister 🙂
    The same was in my house…Took my a huge effort to clean everything up in the last moment before my husband came 🙂


  • Heather

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Someone brave enough to share! I can COMPLETELY relate and I don’t have a newborn–just 5 kids aged 19mo to 12.5yrs and ONE really big kid aged 37 :-P. I thought I’d comment to let you know, IMO it doesn’t look that bad and I’ve seen worse. Your couch picture I had to laugh at as we have 3 love seats in our living room and 2 of them are covered in laundry. I TRY to sort each kids clothes on to a cushion and have them put it away, but it never seems to go as planned.


  • Beth

    Yes! You are quite brave to share….and good for you! You post REAL life situations. It really doesn’t look that bad, but I know it adds to stress when you look around at all the things you think you “should” be doing. Oh well, I say! And I love, love, love your title. My dad (your grandpa) used to call my room the “Wreck of the Hesperus” and all I really knew was that it was a ship. Very interesting to read about it. Thanks Em! My daddy lives on each and every day through his entire family.


  • Heather I

    Been there! So happy to know I’m not alone. We can’t be super mom all the time!


  • Brooke Hoke Parr

    Your house is still cleaner than mine! I had to laugh at your daughter’s room… son doesn’t use his room either. He sleeps with us & his bed & changing table is piled high with outgrown clothes & toys picked up from the living room. I keep saying I’ll get in there & clean it up, but the kitchen is always trashed & there are too many coupons waiting to be cut out! I’m glad it’s not just me. When I worked, I blamed my job for my messy house. Now I stay at home & my house is still messy. Thank God, my hubby isn’t a neat freak!


  • Nicole

    Yes, you are so NOT alone, I just had a baby12 weeks ago and have 2 boys 18m & almost 4 and it’s very hard to get things done now! I thought I was the only one but I feel sooooo much better reading this and the posts that it’s not just me! Lol my couch is used for laundry as well, & I have to say about 85% of what u said is the same here! I just keep telling myself it gets easier! Lol just waiting for that to happen now…


  • Anne

    Looks like mommy’s orgnanized mess to me. 🙂 Frankly 30min to collect myself or clean — I will everytime. There are still toys on the floor here, my current sewing projects and a birthday cake to be iced on the table, and the kids had cereal in mugs this morning because the kid bowl were dirty. Happy Mommy, Happy Family!


  • I love the refreshing honesty – and I agree that really, it’s not too bad 🙂


  • A huge shoutout for a post that keeps it VERY real!! We spend so much time looking at perfect Pinterest pictures that we are left feeling insecure with out own homes, much like how beauty magazines leave us feeling fat. We are REAL and I love it!! Personally, I have OCD so I can’t just let things lie around without feeling uneasy and panic-ish but on the other hand, I am an organized mess as well.


  • C

    Looks like every house I have ever been in who have kids!

    Like Phyllis Diller said: cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while it’s still snowing.


  • Tara T.

    Thanks for posting REAL pictures, instead of the “my house is perfect, isn’t yours?” You’re awesome, Emily! And….yes….these pictures definitely bear resemblance to my house! Seriously…the laundry is never ever going to end!


  • Haha I love that you still love David Boreanaz!! I still love him in Buffy the most 🙂


  • I LOVE this post!! Thank you for being real… so nice to know I’m not the only mama with a tornado house!!


  • I laugh, but only because you clearly broke into my house while the kids were (finally!) napping, and I was zoning out at the computer, to take photos. My husband used to travel every week, (but now we moved to where he works). It was always like that when he was gone, and that’s my hosue, even now. Now, anytime we start picking things up, at any time of day, the eldest asks “Are we cleaning up before daddy gets home?” yes, dear, we want to look busy, and like we managed to do SOMETHING today!


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