a baby blogger!

It’s almost time for BlogHer again… ahhhh! If you aren’t familiar, BlogHer is a big annual conference in August for…. bloggers! I’ve been the past two years and have plans to go again this year. It’s in NYC once again and I can’t wait! More official news on my sponsor and plans will be coming soon 🙂

This year, I’m taking Rebecca with me! She’ll be just over 5 months old at the time of the conference and she’s such a chill and easy baby, I think we’ll have a great time!

I was just working on a shirt for myself when I thought… Rebecca needs some new clothes, too! I found all of these at cafepress.com and I can’t pick which ones to get! They’re all cute:

What ones are your favorites?! Most come in white, pink, or blue (some have a green option). I wish they were available as t-shirts instead of onesies, but I’ll just pair it with a cute tutu 😉 I THINK I have it narrowed down to “I <3 my blog,” “blogging coach,” and “my mommy is going to blog this.” But I do also love “star of mommy’s blog” and “remember my name, you’ll be blogging it in the morning,” hahaha. HELP!

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