new lamp, new lights, new room!

I’m sure by now you know that we’re a fairly “green” family and we like our products to be eco-friendly as often as possible. We’ve been on the energy-efficient light bulb bandwagon for a long time now. Our incandescent bulbs were replaced with compact fluorescent light bulbs as soon as possible. I have Steve to thank for that–he’s always been on top of that kind of thing. He’s the light-bulb buyer in this house!

But I’m the decorator (for the most part). And our family room has been driving me nuts. We have one overhead light with a ceiling fan… sometimes it’s not enough light and sometimes it’s overpowering. I love lamps (all over the house, one in every corner!) because they make everything seem warmer and more cozy.

I bought a table lamp at a garage sale to use in our family room… it’s not the cutest, but my plan was to redo the lamp shade and make it cute. I didn’t realize it was broken 🙁 The top won’t stay on and is so loose, it’s pretty much a danger to have because it falls easily. And to get the light to turn ON?! The lamp has to be in the perfect position and then… no one in the room can breathe… wait for it…. it’s ON! maybe?

My other issue with the family room is the CFL bulbs in the ceiling fan. They’re the coiled type and they’re longer than the light fixtures so you can see them sticking out the end. And I think that’s ugly. Steve says no one looks up there anyway. But I do, lol.

I went to Walmart to get new bulbs and a new lamp. The lamp was easy–there weren’t a ton of choices and I knew I wanted a brown/bronze one so that narrowed it down a lot. I added a pretty burgundy colored shade for some accent color and I was done!

The light bulbs were a bit trickier. Remember I said STEVE is the usual light-bulb-buyer in our house. That means I basically don’t have any idea what I’m doing…. and the lighting aisle was intimidating! WHY are there so many choices?! lol.

I knew I wanted energy efficient CFLs, some for a ceiling fan (that weren’t ugly), and one for a lamp to make a more cozy environment. Beyond that information, I wasn’t sure exactly how many lumens I wanted… how bright would 500 lumens be? 800? 1200? AH! There was a package that said “ceiling fan” on it (perfect!), but another box with less lumens had a picture of a ceiling fan on it… so there I was all confused again. Finally I found a package that had a chart on it that helped me out:

I went with higher lumens for the ceiling fan (two 3-packs) and lower lumens for the lamp. The best part? The coiled CFL is hidden on the inside of the bulb–so when I look up at my ceiling fan? I won’t see ugly lights anymore 😉

These GE Energy Smart “Bright from the Start” CFLs achieve full brightness and use LESS energy each time you turn them on. The hybrid halogen technology inside brightens quickly, unlike the traditional CFLs you’re probably used to seeing. These babies last 8 times longer and use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs! It just makes so much sense to switch.

Love our new lamp and our new lights 🙂

Using the GE Energy Smart CFL Savings Calculator, I found out that we’re saving about $32.85 a year just by using those 5 CFL bulbs I just bought (four in the ceiling fan and one in the lamp). We use CFLs all over our entire house so our actual savings is tremendous! (Numbers based on $0.10 per kWh and 4 hours of use per day). Check out that handy calculator and find out your savings!

How else can you save money? Make sure you turn off all lights when you aren’t using them! During the day, use as much sunlight as possible–open those blinds! Even right now (at 9pm) I’m sitting in the family room with only the one (new!) lamp on–it’s dark, but it’s cozy. Ryan (our 2.5 year old) is even awesome about turning off lights when he leaves a room!

New lamp, new light, and new accent color with the shade and pillows–cozy!

You can read about my whole shopping trip by checking out my Google+ story. Find a $2 coupon to use on bulbs at Walmart in my right sidebar! Make sure you find GELighting on twitter and facebook and watch this GE video, too!



~I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and GE. #CBias #SocialFabric #GELighting

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