working on that baby weight

I gained about 40 pounds this last pregnancy with Rebecca. The first 20 pounds came off really fast after she was born, but I still have about 20 to go. I do think I started out kind of low (107 lb.) so I’d be happy to be down to ~112…. that’s 15 pounds away. And those 15 pounds? Haven’t moved at all in the last two months. I’m stuck at ~127 lb. It’s time for a plan.

With two little ones (ages 2.5 years and 3 months) that are home with me all day, every day, it’s hard to get a real workout in. I am running around all day, playing outside with Ryan, rocking with the baby… but clearly that’s not enough. If I start a workout DVD, it’s highly unlikely I’ll get through it, with Ryan needing more attention.

My current answer? Walking and running outside with the kids in a stroller. Oh and sit-ups at night or whenever I’m on the floor and can squeeze a few in! We have a double stroller that works wonderfully and we now live out in the country on a dead-end road–it makes the perfect neighborhood for being out on a run.

Before Ryan was born, I was enrolled in an intense workout class at my college–it was with the army guys. They pushed us hard and I loved it. Shortly after, I got pregnant and I don’t think I’ve done much running since! EEK!

I’ve got some fancy running shoes (fitted to my feet so I don’t get anymore knee pain) and now, thanks to Russell Athletic, I have some new workout clothes!

I am in love. So I’ve had these clothes for just over a week and that “shockwave green” (DriPower 360 Round Neck T) shirt? I’ve worn 4 times. Yep. Love. (Yes, I washed it between wearing it, lol). Those “stealth” gray (Cotton Stretch Capris) ones on the bottom left? Three times. And the outfit together on the right (“cyber pink” Full Coverage Performance Tank and black Semi-Fit Ferformance Capris) I’ve worn once.

All pieces are great for workouts, but I feel especially comfortable in both items on the right side all day long… I wear that shirt and those capris around the house, out for a walk, to the grocery store, to bed… basically all.the.time.

The outfit on the right side I love for more hardcore workouts. I don’t think I’ve ever owned REAL workout clothes and it’s actually pretty motivating! I do mix and match all 4 pieces, too! They have moisture-wicking fabric, which if you’ve never tried, you must! It keeps you cool and dry and that’s a must for my workouts in this summer heat–especially when running around with 2 kids in a stroller lol.

These outfits are so so so comfortable.  I got each of them in size small and they’re perfect–even for this post-preggo body that I’m not quite used to yet. In fact, I’m ordering the DriPower 360 t-shirt in a wild orchid v-neck. Hmmm, if I spend over $30, I get free shipping so I *might* just have to buy some more 😉

~I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Russell Athletic and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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