“I’m up high, mom!” (BecoStep giveaway)

Since Rebecca has arrived, Ryan definitely wants to be baby again, too… from nursing or asking for a bottle to being rocked and carried. But if you ask him, “Ryan, are you my baby boy or are you a big boy?” He will proudly exclaim, “I’m a BIG BOY, mom!” And every single day he amazes me with the “big boy” things he does.

Ryan loves to wash his hands at the sink (or just play in the water, you know), turn lights on and off, get mommy and daddy ice and water from the fridge door, and help make mommy coffee in the morning from the Keurig. Although he can do every one of these things on his own, he needs just a bit of help getting up there and being able to reach! Ryan tells me all the time that he’s getting bigger (sob sob!) and I think he tries every day to reach the light switches around the house–he’s almost there!

So in the meantime, he LOVES his stools. We had a utility style one  in the laundry room because, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit on the short side. Ryan claimed it as his own and used to carry it around the house, but it has a handle that Ryan liked to stand on to get even higher (“I’m up HIGH, mom!”) and that’d often make it tip over.

I have tried other stools, but they’re either really expensive or too cheaply made and easily fall over.

Now we have the BecoStep by BecoThings. It is every answer to every stool problem. AND it’s eco-friendly = WIN.

BecoThings makes their products to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Instead of using plastic, they use natural plant fibers. The BecoStep is made from bamboo and rice husks, which means it’s sustainable and biodegradable. When you’re done with it, you could toss it in your compost pile and it’d degrade in a couple years–how cool is that?!

The bamboo in this stool makes it heavier than others, which makes it much harder to tip over and safer to stand on. It’s the first thing I noticed about this stool–it is STURDY! I don’t have to watch with worry when Ryan stands on it, but it’s not too heavy either for him to pick up. He still carries it around… to turn on his light or wash his hands or find the cookies in the pantry, haha.

More safety features–the base of the BecoStep has rubber strips so it doesn’t slide around the floor (another common problem with other stools) and the top of the BecoStep has ridges to give some grip to your child’s feet.

Nothing is better than a product that grows with your child and can be used over and over. The BecoStep site suggests continued use of your stool after your child has outgrown it… Beco Flower Planter, anyone?! How about a water bucket for your kid to play with, a bin for toys, or a time-out seat? The first thing Ryan did with it was fill it with his books. Right now? It’s filled with toys, lol.

The BecoStep comes in pink, blue, and natural colors and you can find a list of retailers here.

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their own BecoStep! Open to US residents only. Please use the form below to enter–none of the entries are mandatory so you can do as many or as few as you’d like! Good luck!


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