happy 3 months, little miss

*These pictures were taken shortly after Rebecca turned 3 months old, I’ve just been a little slow on getting the writing finished for this post!*

Baby girl,

I can’t believe how fast you’re growing! 3 months already?! And you are just full of character. The other day, I called you a chunk (lovingly, of course ;)) and your daddy said, “well she needs some place to store all of that personality!” People who have just met you for the first time say that, too. First, it’s a comment on your gorgeous big blue eyes, then about your smiling, happy face. You make mama and dada so proud 🙂

Ohhh, where to start! You’ve found your hands and are getting pretty good at staring at an object, moving your hands toward it, and grabbing on. You especially like to grab your pacifier out of your mouth and the hair on the top of your head, haha. Oh, and you like to pull mommy’s hair, too :/ You’re not really a fan of tummy time, just like your brother!

Recently you started blowing bubbles and it’s so funny–just like it was with Ryan. I got it on video today! You’re laughing more and more and it’s the cutest little sound I’ve ever heard. You’re giggling bouts have been kind of short and you like to stare at the camera so much that I haven’t been able to catch it on tape, but Grandma got a GREAT video the other day… we’ll have to upload it soon to share with everyone.

I call you my “Missy Miss” or “Little Miss.” When your daddy and I use nicknames, Ryan likes to correct us and say, “No, she’s a REbecca!” with a strong emphasis on the first syllable of your name. He can say it pretty well now, but awhile ago it used to sound like “RO-becca” so now we also like to call you “RoRo!”

Your big brother adores you. He’s continuing to get more used to you being here and gets so concerned when you cry… he’s picked up on certain phrases and likes to run over, pat your belly or give you a hug, and say “What’s wrong, Rebecca? Are you okay? Do you need a kiss?” and sometimes he’ll look at me and ask, “Does she need some milkies, mom?” or “Do you need help, mom? Does Rebecca need her pacifier?” He has been a wonderful help! Oh, he also keeps commenting about you getting bigger so you can finally play with him, haha. “Mom, Rebecca is getting BIG! I’m getting bigger, too, but Rebecca is getting big to play with me!”

You’ve lost most of your baby hair, except for a wonderful little wisp at the top back of your head. You’re in all kinds of sizes of clothes… I guess you mainly wear size 6 months now, but I still put you in some 3 month things, 3-6mo, and a few 6-9mo (onesies). I think you’re a little chunky chunk! You’ve got adorable chubby legs and quite a few neck rolls, lol.
If we’re at home and I can keep you on your schedule, you typically take two good naps a day. You go to bed around 8-9pm and sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours, until ~2:30 – 4am. Then you nurse and fall back to sleep until about 6am when you nurse again and sleep until 9am… unless Ryan wakes you up first 🙂 I have to say, it has been pretty easy! Although right now you are going through a bit of a fussy stage and aren’t sleeping as well.

Most people that see you think you’re older than 3 months. The other day, a man said, “Oh! 3 months! Is that how little they are?” and I thought – WOW! Someone that finally thinks Rebecca is small for her age!!! – Until he followed up with, “I would have guessed she was older than that!” Haha. Ohhh, our sweet and adorable baby girl. We love our chunky monkey 🙂

Daddy tells everyone that he thinks you’re going to be really smart. He says he can just tell. He’s really proud of you already and you’re only 3 months old! I’d say someone has daddy wrapped around her pretty little finger 😉

We don’t go back to your doctor until the end of the month, but I’ll guess you’re about 11.5 pounds and all of it is perfect 🙂 You’re a sweetheart and you love your bouncer and your nap nanny, but you love being worn most of all. Daddy wears you a lot and it makes you look so tiny hanging on his chest, haha. You like your activity mat, too, but the swing–not so much.

These months are so exciting as you’re hitting new milestones constantly and learning to explore the world around you–it’s so much fun to watch. I can’t wait till you’re sitting and running around with Ryan and calling me mommy…. but, I also don’t want you to get any bigger! Stay my baby girl, my missy miss, forever!

We love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times
<3 mama, dada, & ryan

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