how do you stay safe in the summer sun?

We’re pretty fair skinned in my family… okay, Steve tans a LOT better than I do, but he’s still Scandinavian, like me, so he doesn’t get too carried away. I don’t even know what the word “tan” means, I just like to go straight to “red,” if anything, because that lobster look is so hot. Right???

So it makes me worry about my babies being out in the sun! I mean, have you seen Ryan’s completely perfect skin and fair complexion?

My little cutie pie šŸ™‚ Anyway, we really try to get outside every day and that means a lot of time in the sun. We have passes to the waterpark, go for walks, play in our backyard in our mini pool, have picnics, go to parks, etc…. if we’re out too long, I really worry about my baby boy’s skin getting pink and burned.

What are your favorite natural & safe sunscreens? I’ve heard some people say they just use coconut oil?! That’d be awesome if that really works. How aboutĀ someoneĀ elseĀ tests it out and lets me know, haha.

Hats. Thankfully, Ryan is past the stage where he rips off everything on his head. Now, he actually LOVES to wear hats! So we have quite a few of those (although I swear his head keeps growing so much, he grows out of all his hats so quickly!!!)

Protective clothes. I always have Ryan in a rash guard swim shirt! And recently I found the best one… it ZIPS. Ryan despises have things pulled over his head, especially when they’re tight and wet, like your typical swim shirt. But not this one… it’s UV 50 (blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays), chlorine resistant, zips all the way down the front, and is super cute:

It’s from SwimZip. The zipper makes it SO easy to put on and take off–Ryan can do it himself and he loves it. They have a few other boys styles that are just as cute, but I can hardly stand how adorable the girl styles are! I can’t wait till next summer when little miss Rebecca HAS to have one of these (IĀ seriouslyĀ can’t decide and keep going back and forth–which one?!)

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  • Karen

    I don’t get why more long-sleeved rash guards and longer bottoms aren’t available. Clothing and hats is our #1 choice of protection for our family, followed by shade, followed by sunscreen trailing way behind. So it’s nice that rash guards are catching on, but I wish there were more focus on covering almost all skin. My 3.5 yo girl swims in long sleeves and even wears leggings to swim at the beach. She’s got pale skin and red hair, and my pale-skinned red-headed spouse has already had 1 melanoma tumor removed, so it’s an important issue in our family. Even my 2 month old daughter has her own long sleeved rash guard šŸ™‚


  • I love that these swim shirts zip! Not only will they be easier to put on, but you don’t have to worry about sunscreen getting all over them from putting them on over your child’s head. Love it!


  • I love these swim zip suits.Its hard finding long shorts for girls though, I really dont like the little bottoms.


  • Our kids are teens and I still stay on them all the time to use sunscreen. We are fair-skinned folks so we burn pretty easily.


  • I am a redhead, and I do not tan. I can burn very easily though! We lather on lots of sunblock when we go to the pool, and my son wears a rashguard and hat. He’s a redhead too, and we worry about him having skin as fair and easy to burn as mine.


  • That zipper is soooo smart! I had to pull a damp one over my daughter’s head this weekend and it was a pain!


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